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October 5th, 2011

October 5th, 2011

Woke up at 8
Stayed in tent til 9
A light rain as I took the tent down but not long.
Weny back to breakfast spot Liam and I walked to yesterday.
Not a hard choice, I could see it from my camp spot.
French toast, eggs and large OJ. Same as yesterday.
As I sat there Tyler came in to say hi. Must have seen my bike outside. He gave me chocolate, just like the last time I saw him. Said Franky was in the coffee booth and wished me good travels.
Was going to jet but figured it wouldn’t hurt to get a coffee. Franky was there and said she would be in NYC this weekend. The occupy wall street thing was on her list of to-dos. And she asked about places to eat.

I was on the road by 11am. 7 South.
Cool and cloudy but dry and looking like there might be sun in the afternoon. The wind was on my back.
Not riding fast but not trying real hard. The roads were mostly flat. Some rolling small hills.

I had not really rode since the 22nd of Sept if I don’t count the race.

I’d spent more time in Burlington than anywhere. I had a good time. Made friends.

I don’t know how to put it to words but as I rode away I felt very down. Not for leaving. But for riding. I didn’t want to be riding a bike. I didn’t want to be so far from Brooklyn. But even if I was closer, or even there, I’d have felt no better. Pretty easy day for riding and the last thing I wanted was to ride.
What I wanted was to be at a party with refreshments. I want to be done. I don’t want to take photos. I don’t want to eat. Or stop for water. I want to be done. Soon. But I know I’m no better off. I have not changed.
Doesn’t matter. After about 50 miles I felt better.
Did about 97 miles
I’m almost exactly 200 from NYC. Of course this is measured by shortest route.
At about the half way point home from here right now there is a friend from Machias, Julia. She invited me to stay on my way home. I emailed her and learned she is leaving tomorrow for the weekend and won’t be back till Tuesday.
I would need to ride 100 miles to get there anyway.
But if I get a early/on time start tomorrow. And if the wind and roads are anything like today, 100 should not be too bad.

Ball line.
Like a ball rolling down a hill. Shortest, straightest.

Tented up close to the road. An abandoned business. On a slab of concrete behind a tree. But under the overhang and next to the building.

Cooked soup. And almost burnt my tent down with this new stove fuel. It was acting up then a big fire ball popped out. After that I moved it outside the tent then it decided to behave normal.


Another day in Burlington

Oct 3rd. Not sure of the day number

Ive skipped notes a few days but today I woke up in a vacant house. My two housemates and I were safe through the night sleeping in a house that was simply left open. Heat, water, electricity. And people living in the apt upstairs. But the front door was unlocked and open.
It worked out fine even if it was a bit worrisome with the thought of getting caught and kicked out into the rainy night.
Walked to get an egg sandwich at a market.
Coffee at a place on the north side.
Then a walk to the sports store to buy a mini stove fuel for $1.99.
Then to another coffee spot where I met Franky and Tyler. Girl and guy working there. Franky liked that I was on a trip and offered an out of town roommates bed to crash in if the roommate ok’d it. Sure, let me know. Email.
Went to do laundry. But no place to change so I went to Maglinero to shower. Back to laundry but got ripped off by them. $2.50 for a wash(used last of soap from weeks ago) and $.25 for five minute dry. 5 min? That’s a rip off. But it pays for the gas they burn to do their free pick up and drop off laundry service. Told the guy I disagree.
I’m pretty sure it’s the first time on the road that I showered and wore clean clothes in the same day.

Some notes about maybe pol0 happening. NSPI is over and the road crew was back. Liam was surfing in Maine.
No players at 5pm. But met a guy walking his dog and we had a lot in common. Was good to talk to him. I can’t recall his name, maybe Collin. Red hair. Kind of crust. Should have asked for a photo.
Checked email and the place to stay was open. Meet at 8 for dinner. Perfect.
Some punk ass mall cop but not a mall cop was busting on me for plugging my iPod in. Unplugged it. Ten min later. Back in my face about my bike leaning on a wall. Church street is basically a mall. I was across from a Macys and Starbucks. Fake smile. Hassle for jacked up reasons. Only negative person I met or encountered in all my time here. Jim. Asshole.
Back to Maglinero coffee and a charge and get out of the light rain as I wait for pol0 hour.
Went to pol0. Watched and watched only. Just two games of 3v3 so not many chances but not one person offered me to play with. One cute girl, Monica, offered me a warm beer. I passed.
Then they lost the ball. Six players and only one ball. Looked for it with them in the dark using my light but no luck.
I’m sure everybody there was nice. Nobody was not nice. But I didn’t feel very welcome. At 8 it started to rain and I had a dinner date so I used that as an excuse to leave. I was leaving anyway.
Brushed my teeth in the water fountain by the skate park.
Rode to Franky’s in the rain.
Not far.
Parked my bike in the living room. She prepared dinner in the kitchen. Home grown potato. Noodles and pesto. And homemade doughnuts with chai tea.
Ari and Tyler and CC were there to. It was a nice time.
Tyler and CC left and Ari, Franky and I kept talking for a little bit but not long and she showed me the room I’d be sleeping in and we all said goodnight.

The only thing that would make today better is …. Wait,
Today was spotted with a little conflict. Rain and a pol0 crew who was not especially receptive of a new person.
Today could have been much better. I’m super lucky to be where I am. I could be sleeping out in the rain right now.


Days 52-60 VT, NY, OH, NY, VT

Wed 9/21/11. Day 52
Rest day, bus and train to NYC.
Dropped bike off at a acquaintances apt. Grab busted front wheel and a few clothes. Amtrak to Penn station.
A girl named Diamond who has Wayne as her ringtone sat near me.
9 hours on a bus and train. The train was nicer.
Once in the city I took another train to BMW to grab my other bike and hang with Ken. Waiting for me were a new pair of Bontrager RXL Road shoes thanks to a friend at Trek Bicycles.
After that I went straight to a good pizza spot. Then met up with JT, Crihs and Dwain. They were getting ready to go to Boston for the East Coast Messenger Stage Race.
From there I rode to Crown Heights to see Matt and Bayla and Allison too. Slept on the living room floor.

Thur 9/22/11. Day 53
Errands in Brooklyn. Call for rain, but none.
Pick up things from storage.
Visit Outlier to size down into new pants and shorts.
Brooklyn Machine Works to pick up and deliver tubing owed to Horse Cycles.
Pancakes and coffee and donuts at Pies N Thighs.
Dropped off film rolls for processing.
Back to BMW to install new pedal cleats onto new Bontrager RXL Road shoes.
Lunch was pizza.
Dinner was pizza.
I really miss NY pizza.
Downtown to return apt keys to Matt.
Saw Wall St protest march on B’way.
Chatted with Tim and his bro at The Pit.
Went to Canal St to get on Chinatown bus to Dayton, OH.
Brought the iPod, forgot the headphones.

Fri 9/23/11. Day 54
10 and a half hours later I’m in Dayton before 9am and see the rain and the “all day” forecast.
About 5pm I rode to Dayton.
Had coffee. Ate a big pasta dinner. Played ping pong. Twords.

Sat 9/24/11 Day 55
Woke up early. 9am. Ate breakfast. Went back to sleep. Woke up at 1:30.
Coffee shop. Rode around the city to look at roads with Lee.
Bought map. Ate leftover pasta.
Went to race start. Paid $25. Got check points. Pre-rode some and met at 8pm for the race start.
Fell in my new shoes because of the tiles. I went one way and all other racers went another. Good for me. Rode to 11 spots and then finish in 52 min and second was over 20 later. I won. And the prize was a good pay off. Then just hung out with everyone. Till late.


Sun 9/25/11 Day 56
Thought there might be pol0 but just hung out and went to the Octoberfest by the Dayton Art Institute. Was there for a while. After ate dinner at Thai Nine with Dana, Brett, Jenell, Maggie.
After went to Century. And then it rained on my way back to where I was staying. Not a fun ride home.


Mon 9/26/11 Day 57
Didn’t do much more than eat, ride around the east side w camera, and drink coffee. At night I watched a movie with the Barkers.


Tue 9/27/11 Day 58
Chilled at Press drinking coffee for the first part of the day. A 18 mile ride to see the family in the afternoon.
Dinner with mom at her favorite Mexican restaurant.
After we picked up my things so she could drop me off at the bus but in the time in-between we went to look at the house I grew up in. Then we picked up my brother from work and visited his house to see his baby daughter.
Got on the bus around 11pm.

Wed 9/28/11 day 59
Woke up early in the morning because the driver was doing some strange things. Tried to get as much sleep as possible because I knew I’d be up all day and maybe out late and in less than 24 hours I’d be getting on a train to VT.
Ate breakfast at pies n thighs made the trip to get the replacement wheel. Of course I forgot to transfer the computer magnet so now I need to figure that out so I can still tally my mileage. Back to BMW to drop off my track bike. And walked to meet chris and go to a dinner at robertas. After I went to a sports bar and watched baseball with them. We stayed out a little late but I slept on the couch of his girlfriend after we all called it a night. It was fun. I was missing being around friends in NYC.


Thurs 9/29/11 day 60
I had set an alarm but it was set on vibrated only so I woke up 30 min late. Luck I only took off my shoes before bed because that’s all I did when I woke up. Shoes on, grab bags, out the door.
Rushed to train. Transfer to uptown train. Find Amtrak inside Penn Station. Made it just barely.
Slept some on the ride but watched out the window some too. Nice to have outlets for each seat. iPod the whole way. Remember waking up to a French language track. FF and back to sleep.
Port Kent, NY.
Ferry for $5.10 to Burlington.
Went to cafe. wifi. Lined up possible place to crash.
Realized I’d only ate a few snack things, no real food. And 3 coffees and no other beverages up to 6:45 when I left the cafe. It was raining now.
Walked to bar I was maybe going to maybe meet other pol0 players.
On the way spent $6 on a big plate of Chinese food.
At bar met a friendly guy, David. Not the one I was there to meet but still he was trying his best to find me a place to crash. After a bit was walking into bar next door and Rachel stood in front of me and said you must be doug.
Chilled for a bit and was offered a safe place to crash.
Tomorrow I’ll get this straight wheel on my bike and not have to carry bags in my hands.
Late now. Tired.



Burlington, VT

Sept. 20th. Day 51
Short riding day. 25 miles into town from Grand Isle SP. It took me a while because I was lazy to leave the lean-to. Lyndon had left before I woke up. As I woke I could hear rain on the roof and gravel by the fire pit. I was in no big hurry.

I did pack up and gear up for the rain. A light rain but the kind were I could not tell if it would stop. I rode 20 miles at 10 mph and included some stops before the rain quit. Like all day yesterday, and the night ride out of the city, I was just in my walking shoes. I have not wore my road shoes since before getting doored. They are too worn out. The carbon soles are pealing away from the shoe and every morning I’ve been too lazy to change shoes for a ride I know will be slow and wobbly.


A few more miles into the city. And straight to the cafe, @MaglianeroCafe. Ordered a regular black coffee (fancy made to order and wait, they bring it you you when done), plug in the iPod, and start figuring things out. I had a list of to-dos. Got them all done.
Walked around town. Found the pol0 court. Around 6 I went back to the cafe and took a shower. So cool they have a shower! It’s like one of those places that anyone touring near the city would have to go to. Good coffee for not too much. Very bike friendly. The place had a half pipe inside and a good amount of tables for the laptop types and a book shelf and bike storage and indoor bike parking and a play area for children. And snacks. Also the people working there are nice and talkative. Good spot.

I’m going to take a rest break now. I deserve it and my wheel needs some attention.

I showered and got a cold coffee to go(mostly to buy something because he didn’t charge me for the shower, would have been $1 but I had my own towel).

Scouted by the river bike path north of town but changed my mind and went back into town and scouted some more. Got some local advice and found something so-far-so-go. But it’s only 8:45p and I’ve been set up for about 30min.

Hope I’m good because I can be seen easy. But it’s real quite here so far.
Dang man. Just as I type that a loud ass jet took off from a runway. Guess I’m near the airport. Oh well.

Day 49 and 50

Sept 19th.
Day 49 and 50

(So yesterday night I was very late to bed and didn’t have much charge anyway.)

On Sunday morning I woke up a little late, around 9:15am. There was no problems and no one in the park, I packed up in peace and walked across the street for a coffee and muffin.

I went closer to the water and looked at the bridge. Just quietly roamed the city. The older part, down by the water, past the shelter, food bank, and the where the tall ships were. There it was very touristy and also were I brushed my teeth. I did a big loop around and back to the street I was in the naught before.

I had seen so many beggars. And having the thought of how to travel with less expenses. Anyway I thought maybe put out a cup while I sit, see what happens. If nothing, fine. If a couple dollars, then that’s a coffee.
I sat next to my bike and wrote in my notebook. I had my hat on the ground and a small Tim Hortons cup inside my had. I sat for an hour and nothing. But then a couple gave me a few dollars and asked about my travels. They were nice and from near Ottawa. We talked for about 15 min. They were just visiting Montreal. They enjoyed traveling too. It was their thing. Go to cities and wander around, see what is to be seen. When I asked what they like most about Montreal, they said the people.

After that I went to my morning coffee spot and got another. Then just crossed the street to the hockey rink.

No one there. But then Jane showed up, a new player, formerly of Ottawa. We knew some of the same people. And another new player rolled up, Fred. Then and swarm of players rolled in over the next 10 min. Germain was a very friendly face.

The crew is bigger than any I’ve played with since New York, including NY. There was about 15 people and they said it was less than normal.
A mix of male and female and new and not new players. Reminded me of playing in Columbus, Ohio.
The games were so much fun. Even playing on borrowed equipment, didn’t matter. I really miss being in a pol0 group and everybody gets along. Where every person is having a good time.
Not until typing this out but after playing in Montreal, I don’t miss playing in NYC.

After the games I made tracks out of the city. And I thought it very cool that the court is almost in the shadow of the big bridge of Montreal. A two block ride and I was on the bike lane over the bridge. The bad part was it was getting dark quick.


I rode over 30km in the dark and very slow because of bad hop in front wheel, to find a camp spot. Being close to the city meant street lights, if not for that i would have not gone so far (on Chambly road).

I had became lost and had to back track because I didn’t have a map but with my sense and compass I followed the right road to meet the 223 and on another map I could see that l I wanted to take the 223 to the US. So I was good.

Camped across from a Tim Hortons but on a de-railed railroad path. On rocks and not dead center so my tent was on a side slope I didn’t know until I was inside.

Next day, today.

Woke up.


Coffee. Rode Sud, for the last time, on 223.
Sunny and warm. Wearing shorts. A first since my last day in NB.
Rode near the canal and lock system on a bike lane. Was ok. It mirrored the 223.
Back on the 223 south to the 202 Est just over a bridge and then Sud again on the 225. On the shittiest road in Canada. Only for about 5 or 6 km to the boarder. Im on a velo but roll up the the dive thru window, Officer Morse opens the window. Where are you from? Brooklyn. “They don’t have stop lights in Brooklyn?”
Uh, I stopped. Oh I was supposed to stop back there. I saw the light but where’s the stop line? No stop line, then I stop at the window.
Jerk patrol.
Who cares.

Vermont has good roads. Pretty views. Close to the water on the 2 South. Rode until near dark. Stopped a Citgo. Bought bread and filled water. By time I got back outside it was dark.

The whole day was slow riding and my wrists hurt from the hop I the wheel shaking my arms all damn day. Not happy about my top speed or wacky wheel.

At the gas station I asked about camping out back. But didn’t seem like a good idea. cops, loitering, etc.

Sitting and pulling a charge as I wrote in notebook. A guy starts chatting and tell me about the state park he’s been free camping in. Wait till 8, don’t have to pay.
I follow his directions and meet him in the park. His spot had a lean-to. Good because word is morning rain.
Lyndon made a fire because he had sweet corn on the menu. We talked a bunch and I made my soup as he made corn by soaking the whole thing and setting it on the hot coals to cook. He gave an extra one to me. Very good. Local, No need for butter.

About 11pm I set up my tent and parked my bike in the lean-to that was on the camp site. I should be dry in the morning no matter what.