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August 3, 2011

Was on a schedule to get to Boston by 6pm to play pol0 w friends.
On the road by 9am.
Had a crash 4 miles out. Some sand in the corner of a turn. Recovered it but hit deeper sand beyond. Fell. Alls good.
No real damage.
On the 6 east to 198 north to 244 east. Into RI. Was in RI for exactly 2 hours. Just 17 miles. That was that. Oh in a town Chepachet you can’t drink the water on one side of town because of dirty wells. I asked a newspaper delivery guy for directions to good water as I ate some pb and j. He pointed me in the right direction. A min later he came out of the EZ Mart w a large bottled water. “by donation. Have a good trip”.
Rode more miles than I wanted today. Made me think of my last tour/ride. On a schedule. Not the best. But today it’s worth it.
Made it to pol0 in time. Subway for dinner. Jav loaned me his bike for a couple games. Gus gave me place to stay. First shower since NYC. Gus took a good photo and made me tea. And I’m on his Internet right now.


August 2, 2011

Rain still on tent in morn. But clear skies.
Got simple stuff to eat at a close store. Yogurt. Granola.
Stopped at a shady bench near pond to have lunch. Watched one little turtle try to climb onto a floating board. The 4 others already sunbathing did nothing to help. After 5 tries the little guy made it on his own.
Had a biker offer a place to stay. It was later but I needed to ride east more to get to Boston in good time. And he lived west of where we were. Did another 14 miles before I stopped.
Smooth roads 90% of the day.
Taco bell for dinner.
Slept behind a long row of bailed cardboard stacked on skids behind a Walmart. In the grass. Quiet dark.

105 miles to Willimamtic, CT

In the night at 4:40am a forklift driver found me. Called out. But I stayed quiet. No problems.


August 1, 2011

Day one. Condensed.
Rolled fully loaded for the first time w this set up out of Crown Heights to meet Andy at Pies n Thighs. Had pancakes. Talked about climbing. Went to Outlier to say bye. Jesse gave me a paper swan and a patch I wanted. Rachel took my picture. Went to mid town said bye to my roommate. Rode to central park. Said bye to Crihs. Rode out of the park together. He also took a picture. After that alone.
Was nervous but felt good. No phone but was hearing phantom rings.
Writing in a notebook 20 years older than me.
Rode on Bronx River Road and 22. Lots of stone walls at the road on 22. Pretty, shady.
It rained twice. And those were the only times I talked to anyone. Both time guys asking about my trip.
Had the song by sting or police in my head for hours. I can’t stand losing you.

Camped for free. Rained more at night. Nervous but slept well

rode 79 miles to Danbury, CT.