August 2, 2011

Rain still on tent in morn. But clear skies.
Got simple stuff to eat at a close store. Yogurt. Granola.
Stopped at a shady bench near pond to have lunch. Watched one little turtle try to climb onto a floating board. The 4 others already sunbathing did nothing to help. After 5 tries the little guy made it on his own.
Had a biker offer a place to stay. It was later but I needed to ride east more to get to Boston in good time. And he lived west of where we were. Did another 14 miles before I stopped.
Smooth roads 90% of the day.
Taco bell for dinner.
Slept behind a long row of bailed cardboard stacked on skids behind a Walmart. In the grass. Quiet dark.

105 miles to Willimamtic, CT

In the night at 4:40am a forklift driver found me. Called out. But I stayed quiet. No problems.