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Pedalingo eBook


I’d like to visit many more places I’ve not been to in this country before I go over seas to tour in Europe or somewhere over an ocean. I daydream about doing a tour of Scotland next after next. And I might just do that. But I could also tour south, and go very far and find many places I’ve never been. I have little interest in paying airfare to ride my bike. So the thought of Latin America as a next after next is a good possibility. But I don’t speak Spanish. There is a lot I think about that but finding this book, and blog is helpful.


June 2014

Ok. i dont know anything but i should try to do something. get some things done. Winter is so long over that the longest day of the year has passed. Dam.

I just was going to set up my tent just to see if any mice chewed holes in it or if it stunk so bad I’d need to wash or get a new one. The tent is fine. It’s the poles that are messed. The elastic is baked and does not draw the sections together. Might call about replacements.

My sleeping bag need a cleaning. Gonna take that on soon. The down soap is about $10, hand wash, then a long low heat dryer session.

I found some nice Outlier buffalo leather insoles that i forgot i had and put them in my shoes. Bet that might help a lil vs the foam whatevers they came with.

Bought a few lil things for my dopp kit & first aid kit.

Acquired some Black US made 330(i think) Cordura that I plan on remaking my rear panniers in.

Still not sure what lens combo to bring. 28mm, 50mm, 85mm. Or 24-105mm, 50mm. Or 16-35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm. And then what I’ll have as my digital camera… Could just only use my 13mp phone camera, or the 7D i own, or a cheap P&S i have.

I scraped off all the screened on lettering and logo from my snowpeak mug. A while back i just only took off the little line that said “outdoor lifestyle creator” b/c i thought that was dumb. Now I just took it all off for a clean logo-less look. Way better.

I’m caring less about where i go, and more about that i just go. New York is an awesome place that is very tough to beat. But New York is not everything. And winning is not always the goal.

Last night i read my friends adventure blog. We’re Really Doing It. This time was Baja. It put things in a perspective I’m not sure I understand. A feeling that riding a bike around is nothing. But their whole thing started with riding a bike around. Although they had no experience. So same, but very different.

I guess the biggest thing of the month is a change in my investments. A good one that gives me more time and funds for a trip if i chose to take one.. Also i should get paid for a Red Bull job i’m finishing up. Bonus!

While being on hold by Eureka tent I started to look up after market replacement stuff while I waited. Seemed like a better option after 20 min of hold time. But when I got home I started looking closer at my tent poles. The end caps that hold the elastic in place unscrew. Easily. All I need is new elastic, feed it through, and tension is well. Done. Should be good as new.


May 2014

Been a while. Not too much new.

Plans could be set back due to no progress on my bike getting finished. And other preparation being incomplete.

I don’t find myself being too worried. I never made any promise that I would depart on a certain date. But I am still going to aim to have things ready by the time I planned.



February 2014

  • Short month, a lot of snow and cold.
  • I got a rug for my room. Prob the most domesticated thing I’ve done since well before my last tour.
  • I have a new vest. It could double as a small pillow.
  • and lots of thoughts…

Topeak Micro Rocket CB air pump

Topeak Micro Rocket CB air pump

This is an upgraded replacement because I had a bag stolen and it had my flat fix kit in it. I had an old mini pump I carried vs. always making room for my Road Morph. I took the Road Morph on my last bike tour but I’ll test this one out around the city for the next few months and see if it’s tour worthy.

They say it’s good for 160 psi. Sounds like a lot but I don’t need that much pressure anyway.

I do like the little dust cap thing has a tiny hole in it making it a mini dust blower also.

Weight: 55g/1.9oz

Made in Taiwan

Salewa Wildfire

salewa wildfire shoe

Salewa has a variety of products like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and even crampons and an ice axe. Also different categories of footwear, these fall under “tech approach”. There is a Gore-tex and a women’s version but I think the basic ones will be good for riding and cooler in summer because they are not water proof.

These fit me well and were of course marked down at EMS. $100 out the door. These are shoes and I’m sure they will do fine while they last. What I’m planning on doing is leaving my road race style shoes and pedals at home for this next tour. So this shoe will be worn all day. I’ll not need to make the decision to change shoes if I’m off the bike for more than a few min. If I want to hop over a guardrail real quick for a photo, all the clomping around in gas stations and grocery stores, and all that. Just way more mobile, which is what I want. Although I do lose a super stiff carbon sole to stand on while I pedal a heavy ass bike. I hope they wont flex and hurt my feet too much.

Also less to carry. I will probably take some platform pedals off one of my other bikes.

January 2014

  • My Olympus Infinity Stylus p&s (serial no. 8067786), Canon Rebel G w/ 40mm lens and my NiteRider 700 light were all stolen, among other things. So pissed. I’m gonna replace the light and look for another camera.
  • I bought a pair of Salewa shoes with the intent to switch from riding in road shoes on road pedals to giving good hiking shoes and large platform pedals a try. I ride like that pretty much daily in NYC. And it means I’ll be able to move around off the bike much easier.
  • I’m hooked on the game Clash of Clans.
  • Prob gonna switch from those Nova rear dropouts to a custom laser cut dropout.
  • a couple days later we might have solution to the problem of how to make a fork. A segmented fork. The machining is the hurdle with doing a unicrown. We talked about a segmented fork with raked and tapered fork blades. Also custom dropouts.
  • But the welder it going to Paris for a bit so the build will be on hold either way. And the whole shop is moving. So that leaves a lot yet to be seen.
  • My two roommates are going to bike tour in Mexico for aprox. 4 weeks. Stoked for them, and jealous a bit.
  • Another friend is on Tour d’Afrique in India right now. Mad Jealous of that.
  • soon to be ordering more parts. seatpost/post clamp,  King bottom bracket, brake and shift cable sets, bar wrap, replacement NiteRider light and new mini pump.
  • thinking about if i want to keep the Velo Orange fenders or try out the Honjo fenders..
  • thinking more about what photo gear to take and to leave.. gonna be at least 2. One 35mm and one digital. could be just SLR and phone for digi. or other options. still want to find another Olympus infinity stylus for b/w 35mm P&S.
  • started to make a spread sheet for companies doing made in US.

A segmented raked fork is possible

Segmented raked taper fork
(image source)

I was talking with the welder and understanding more about the history of different fork styles they have made in the past. Much of it is based on the machining tools they have in the shop. Brooklyn Machine Works does have one big milling machine that cuts the frame tubes but to cut the top of unicrown fork blades the set up is much different, so different that it kind of needs to be done on a different machine. If I remember correct its a vertical vs. horizontal thing.

So anyway, there is a style of fork that can be cut with the machine they have, and that is a segmented fork. I want a raked fork and wasn’t sure if doing a combo of raked blade & segmented crown would look weird. But a quick search and we landed on this shot of a nice Geekhouse example. Still need to do more research but this is inspiring.