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Touring Bike – Soma Saga frame set

Soma Saga touring frame set

Today I saw one of these and spoke to the owner about the build up. It had Salsa woodchipper bars, barend shifters, Thompson set-back seat post, a Tubus rear rack, triple crankset, and a nice Tange fork. Over all a good looking bike. I should have taken a picture. He said he was real happy but had it only for a week and was planing to ride to Montauk, NY. This bike, with a thought out build, looks very tour worthy.

Touring biker: Ari Gold

Ari Gold bike touring august 2011

Ari Gold and loaded bicycle. August 6th, 2011 outside a Hannaford grocery in York Village, Maine

I met Ari by chance that we both were on bike tours and both at the same market at the same time. He was 23 months into a much longer tour. He could recite a long list of cities and towns that were along his route. It sounded like a song. His goal was to get to Australia. He showed me a rear view mirror he makes and sells. It was different because you wear it on your hand. He was also kind and gave me a couple of ball on a bungee fasteners, that proved to be very useful.


Touring Bike – 2009 Specialized Tricross Comp

Specialized tricross comp bicycle

2009 Specialized Tricross Comp 58cm

This is the bike I rode on my third tour. It did fine. Better than fine, it did great! And is an aluminum/carbon non touring specific bike at that. With a double crankset.

I had a sponsor at the time and the bike was a quick decision. I set it up about one week before leaving on a 60 day bike tour from NYC to LA. I did change the wheels to 48 spokes, added a rear rack, front fender and my pedals. This bike was not a cheap bike to buy new. I think i remember it costing $2200(i think most of that is in the carbon front a rear and the lighter weight parts group). So I was very lucky to be allowed to ride it. But what I’m thinking is this isn’t really a touring bike and it did all I could ever ask for in a bike. 4000 miles and no problems. It baffles me that people believe they NEED a Surly long haul trucker to do a bike tour. It’s just not true. You don’t need a bike as costly as this one either but it’s what i had. There are some things i would maybe change.. the carbon fork(but it held up fine) and the low spoke count radial front wheel (i did swap for a 4 cross 48 spoke) but who cares?

Get a bike that fits and ride it. Add some racks and the do-dads you need and then just go.

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Touring Bike – 2013 Bianchi Volpe


Today I was riding home and saw a guy riding one of these and chatted a bit. He said he just got it from Bianchi because he had a much older Volpe and kinda put it through hell. After writing a long winded letter about a cracked drive side chain stay drop out Bianchi sent him a new one. Must have just been the frame only because all the parts look different than this.

This is just the reason I want to get a new touring bike. As good as a bicycle is new, after years of miles on the road, loaded touring and being up & down coast lines the frame wont last forever. I worry that if I went out on another long ride the my frame would be the most likely to fail. Probably the drive side drop out because that spot endures the most stress.

I’m thinking about going the custom frame route and swap most of my parts over. But if i didn’t have a bike to tour on this would be the one I’d want to buy.