Touring Bike – 2009 Specialized Tricross Comp

Specialized tricross comp bicycle

2009 Specialized Tricross Comp 58cm

This is the bike I rode on my third tour. It did fine. Better than fine, it did great! And is an aluminum/carbon non touring specific bike at that. With a double crankset.

I had a sponsor at the time and the bike was a quick decision. I set it up about one week before leaving on a 60 day bike tour from NYC to LA. I did change the wheels to 48 spokes, added a rear rack, front fender and my pedals. This bike was not a cheap bike to buy new. I think i remember it costing $2200(i think most of that is in the carbon front a rear and the lighter weight parts group). So I was very lucky to be allowed to ride it. But what I’m thinking is this isn’t really a touring bike and it did all I could ever ask for in a bike. 4000 miles and no problems. It baffles me that people believe they NEED a Surly long haul trucker to do a bike tour. It’s just not true. You don’t need a bike as costly as this one either but it’s what i had. There are some things i would maybe change.. the carbon fork(but it held up fine) and the low spoke count radial front wheel (i did swap for a 4 cross 48 spoke) but who cares?

Get a bike that fits and ride it. Add some racks and the do-dads you need and then just go.

2009 Specialized Tricross Comp geometry