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Truck camper winter showering routine.

Because I have yet to install a on board water heater I had to develop my winter shower routine.

First, source hot/warm water from a utility sink I have access to.

Fill my 5 gal can as full as I can before the hotness craps out.

Back at truck and hopefully on level ground so the shower pan will drain well. This is only an issue if not driving again same day. or I’ll just wipe up what’s remaining.

2 towels ready bc the air temp is usually around freezing or below.

Start Lil Mr. Buddy propane heater.

Wash up as briskly as I can.

Dry up with one towel over my head and a second for the rest.

Sit in front of heater for a few.

One thing I was stuck on was the tubing I drop into the 5gal. water can would curl up and the water wasn’t all usable. I solved this by inserting it into a scrap length of copper tubing to keep it straight and find the bottom of the water can. Also snipped out a side cut at the end of the tubing that draws water to avoid any suction that would impede flow. Works like a charm.
Eyes up. Seat belts on.

Fasten seat belt vintage hand panted sign rust metal old

Record low temps tonight.

More for emergency use only, I’d bought this shortly after buying the truck itself. Also a made in USA wool blanket to have for emergencies and regular use.

I did check that the heater worked and I’ve not used it since. Tonight it’s like 24° so I’m putting it to a real test. Keep me warm tonight. I’m hoping it’s staying in the emergency category vs regular use/buying fuel often.

November 7, 2017

Today is 2 months of living in my truck and it’s been ok. The first 4 days were driving days, since then it’s been all in New York City. 

It was 44°f when I woke up today. Daily temperatures will be going down. I have no heat in the truck other than a small propane heater for emergency use.

Before winter weather hits I want make sure I’m warm enough. So put heater to regular use, or go South is the question.