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August 3, 2011

Was on a schedule to get to Boston by 6pm to play pol0 w friends.
On the road by 9am.
Had a crash 4 miles out. Some sand in the corner of a turn. Recovered it but hit deeper sand beyond. Fell. Alls good.
No real damage.
On the 6 east to 198 north to 244 east. Into RI. Was in RI for exactly 2 hours. Just 17 miles. That was that. Oh in a town Chepachet you can’t drink the water on one side of town because of dirty wells. I asked a newspaper delivery guy for directions to good water as I ate some pb and j. He pointed me in the right direction. A min later he came out of the EZ Mart w a large bottled water. “by donation. Have a good trip”.
Rode more miles than I wanted today. Made me think of my last tour/ride. On a schedule. Not the best. But today it’s worth it.
Made it to pol0 in time. Subway for dinner. Jav loaned me his bike for a couple games. Gus gave me place to stay. First shower since NYC. Gus took a good photo and made me tea. And I’m on his Internet right now.