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Brunton 9041

Brunton 9041 key ring compass

Not all products from Brunton are made in USA. This is not the only US made item from them.

It is great that Brunton put “Made in U.S.A.” right on the face of this small and simple compass but in their website they do not list that info in item descriptions. I had to email them asking for a list of their products made in the US. Shortly later I did get an email answering my question but the whole thing reminded me of the question I’m always asking when looking for country of origin info in web stores, “why don’t you just say where it’s made!” Companies like this one and many others make some but not all items in the US. It’s my belief that customers would be more likely to buy American if they had that info. And the companies that do both would be influenced to offer more made in USA options. It’s just that not much is made here anymore, and all these companies are scared. But I might be too tough on them, running a company has to be hard. It’s just that I have a higher respect for ones that start US made and stay that way.

I’m not doing anything huge by buying a $10 compass. But on the other hand buying a $10 compass made in China doesn’t do much good.

Made in USA



iPhone (no phone plan)

An old iPhone 3G that has no service. I’d use it like an iPod Touch. No phone, no data plan, no bill.

I can check email, weather, maps, and twitter and such. What more would I need?

The thought of bringing this has been on the seesaw more than anything else. Not for the decision to have a phone(that makes phone calls) or not. I know I do not want a phone while on tour. But rather the decision of having the internet in my pocket at all. I don’t really want to have the internet with me if I’m touring. But I likely will(meaning i think i will bring this). Although internet would only be in places that offer it, coffee shops, spots like that.

I figure I can post here and on twitter and email friends. I’d use the calculator in grocery stores to get the best deals.

It has an alarm and I’ll put some of my favorite Lil’ Wayne songs on there too.

Worth the weight? We’ll see.

I don’t think it would last through a long trip.

I bought this used from a friend who upgraded. I did use it as my phone for about 6 months but I got sick of giving AT&T money.

Cost: $80 used

Weight: 4.8oz (138g) w/o charger

Made in China


Michelin Map 581

A far as multi-state maps go, this thing is the shit.

I could get better maps of each state and I will need to find another if I want to go to the eastern edge of Maine. It cuts off before the Canadian border. But besides that there is good detail. All of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Most of New York, a lot of Maine, North East PA and the top of NJ.

I bought this at a Barnes and Noble store in lower Manhattan.

Cost: $6

Made in France