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Brooklyn Machine Works – Adidas

Brooklyn Machine Works is a frame builder based in Brooklyn, NY. I have a couple BMW’s one set up for the street and one for bike pol0. Good bikes. The guys are real nice and make a good product. A while back they did a shoe with Adidas, I have a pair.

These look a little funny if you don’t know what they are from. It’s a throw back to some 70’s cycling shoe.

Made in Vietnam


Today I made progress. Woke up and was out of the house by noon. wanted to go to the library and p/u some French language CD’s for my ipod. Also wanted to get a juice, last night I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. about a guy who gets healthy by drinking just juice. Might be my last Netflix instant. I turned in $67 in coins at the bank, looked at maps at Barnes and Noble, that place sucks for maps. I went to EMS and bought a bunch of crap. and then I was back home by 2pm to do some moving. It’ll all fit and I’ve got a few last things to move but had to stop at 7pm because of the hours of operation.
At home I packed up the bike a little.
Tonight going to the bowling alley for a b-day party.

Tomorrow? move the rest before 4pm. maybe pol0. eat. still need a UV filter and soap, cancel Netflix, return French CD’s and whatever else..

Sea To Summit: Sacks, Straps and a Liner

I made some last minute changes to my system of carrying my tent, pad and bag. I was going to shove it all in a large Bailey Works Messenger bag and I had a friend modify some straps so I could cinch it to the rear rack. That would have worked and it would mean I could use the messenger bag as a backpack if I ever needed one. Plus the other little pockets in a Bailey Works bag would be nice for organization.

But then I wanted to get a water-tight sack for my down sleeping bag, and keep it in a sack, in the bag to really keep it dry. I bought a 35L so not to stuff it into too small a bag diminishing it’s loft. But then I was only using ½ the volume of the sack to still get into the messenger bag. Maybe lose the mess bag?

The stuff sack that came with my tent is way too big for the tent so I wanted to get a better fitting one for that. 9L is just right.

The stuff sack that came with my sleeping bag is tiny, as in back backing tiny, and I’m no longer using it for my sleeping bag but it works great for my air pad (that did not come with a stuff sack) and the sheet cover I made for it.

So now I needed some good straps because bungeeing multiple things is not very secure.

Sleep pad and cover in small sack tied to top of front rack. Sleeping bag in dry bag, tent in new stuff sack, Poles in stock pole bag and ground tarp folded, flat underneath it all. This is all double strapped by two “hook release” accessory straps that encompass the whole mess. But it does not look messy. It looks right and is lighter than adding a messenger bag into the mix.

Also bought a silk liner to save the sleeping bag from my dirt.

The only bummer is that I did this all a little too late to find the made in USA options.

All this shit is made in China.

Park GP-2

Sticker patches only work if you apply them the right way. Some people don’t like them but I’ve had good luck and this will be the fourth tour I’ve taken GP-2 as my only way to patch a tube. Of course I’ll bring spare tubes as well.

Made in USA


Topeak Road Morph Pump

I was a messenger in New York City for a while. It’s true that Time is Money. Another messenger let me use his pump when my old one was acting up. He had a Topeak Road Morph and after that I realized some pumps are way better than others. I bought my own and have had it for about 4 years now.

Bought from local bike shop.

I think this is made in Taiwan.



It’s 7:00pm, today I worked my last shift and secured a storage unit. I started to move things there but it’s not 24 hours so the remainder will have to be done tomorrow. And I have Sunday as an absolute last day to get my shit together.

Also I picked up my FR-5 from the welder. I may never use this tool but if I do I’ll be able to turn it with my 15mm.

It’s raining now, and it rained heavy last night. I hope I can ride for a bit before bad weather hits me.

Home alone because my roommate has already moved out I can see exactly what I have to do. It looks like a lot but it’s just 3 things, 3 categories. 1. going with me, 2. going to storage, 3. going to trash/free pile. Easy.

Netflix is wearing the rope I just gotta check the box. The one that says cancel membership.

It’s my last weekend in NY for a while, for the summer. But I think I’m just gonna stay in tonight.

I just got a call from a friend in Ohio telling me that he is throwing a race the 3rd weekend of September. In Ohio and the winner gets a heavy cash prize. I’ve won his races in the past. So now I’m thinking maybe, if this race happens, I should do what I need to do to get back to NYC in time to get on a bus or something to Ohio and try my luck at this race. Maybe.



Nalini Team Crédit Agricole Jersey

This one is from the mid 2000’s. About 2004?

2008 was the last year for Team Crédit Agricole and the more recent Jerseys look different.

Anyway I was thinking that I might bring two jerseys, one team jersey of a black lager from Bad Köstritz, Germany and a second from a team sponsored by a French Bank. I was talking to friends of friends and got the advice that I should at least try to speak French if I go as far North as I say I am. I don’t think this jersey will bring me any luck but it might motivate me to practice learning a new language.

I bought this on closeout for $19 at a bike/ski shop at the end of the summer season in 2004 if I remember.

I believe this was made in Italy.


Adventure Medical Kits Ultra/Watertight 0.5

I bought this because, why not. It’s light and if I use it just once, for myself or for someone else, it’ll be money well spent. I added a few extra water proof bandages and small tube of triple antibiotic ointment. And a slip of paper with my emergency contact. I’ll keep this in a small outside pocket of my rear pannier, I’d like to find a little basic “first aid” patch to sew onto that pocket.

“Assembled in USA of imported and domestic components”