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Nalini Team Crédit Agricole Jersey

This one is from the mid 2000’s. About 2004?

2008 was the last year for Team Crédit Agricole and the more recent Jerseys look different.

Anyway I was thinking that I might bring two jerseys, one team jersey of a black lager from Bad Köstritz, Germany and a second from a team sponsored by a French Bank. I was talking to friends of friends and got the advice that I should at least try to speak French if I go as far North as I say I am. I don’t think this jersey will bring me any luck but it might motivate me to practice learning a new language.

I bought this on closeout for $19 at a bike/ski shop at the end of the summer season in 2004 if I remember.

I believe this was made in Italy.


Cinelli Cork Ribbon

Cinelli bar wrap has gone on every bike I’ve ever owned, all the ones with drop bars. I was looking at the Selle An-Atomica (made in USA) leather wrap so I would have something durable and matched my saddle but in the end I just went with what I had. It was spend fifty bucks or use what I had sitting around. Also I used a left over single strip of black under this white that is exposed. It looks like a normal wrap. I wanted a little extra cushion so I cut it up just right to hit the places my hand rest with the most weight then wrapped that up. Comfy bars.

The white does get dirty but unlike the black you see the dirt and it’s not hard to go a little soapy water on a rag and give it a wash.

Made in Italy


Ray-Ban RB2132-03

Today I went to pick up my new lenses in my old frames at Lenscrafters and as I was walking out I noticed these sunglasses. I was in a hurry to meet a buyer for a bike I was selling so I kept walking. Made the sale, so that’s money in the bank and one less thing to store. After shaking hands I walked away w/o a bike to walk home. The sun seems a bit brighter when not hunched over the bars, so I walked back and bought what’s really just a delayed impulse buy. I have AAA *wink* and that gets a discount, not just on eye glasses but sunglasses too. Not bad.

100% UVA and UVB
Classic, comfortable, black, comes with cloth and case. And it means I don’t have to bring my broken Tifosi sunglasses I bought 8 years ago. Perfect.

Cost: $73

Made in Italy


Manfrotto MTT2-P02

Manfrotto MTT2-P02 Table Tripod

Solid and easy to use. Alternately I have an Ultra-pod II (Made in USA) and have used it with both SLR and point and shoot on tours before. But from that experience I found that I needed something better. The plastic in the Ultra-pod does not keep a SLR stable. Just too much weight, but with a point and shoot it’s fine and the extra mounting options are great.

For shooting with a SLR the Manfrotto wins. 100% metal vs 100% plastic. This is just a bit smaller and marginally weightier. I’m OK with that because I want something that won’t sway in the wind.

I bought this from the B&H store in Manhattan.

Folded Length: 7″
Weight: 5.8oz (166g)
Load Capacity: 4.4 lbs
Cost: $25

Made in Italy