Ray-Ban RB2132-03

Today I went to pick up my new lenses in my old frames at Lenscrafters and as I was walking out I noticed these sunglasses. I was in a hurry to meet a buyer for a bike I was selling so I kept walking. Made the sale, so that’s money in the bank and one less thing to store. After shaking hands I walked away w/o a bike to walk home. The sun seems a bit brighter when not hunched over the bars, so I walked back and bought what’s really just a delayed impulse buy. I have AAA *wink* and that gets a discount, not just on eye glasses but sunglasses too. Not bad.

100% UVA and UVB
Classic, comfortable, black, comes with cloth and case. And it means I don’t have to bring my broken Tifosi sunglasses I bought 8 years ago. Perfect.

Cost: $73

Made in Italy