It’s 7:00pm, today I worked my last shift and secured a storage unit. I started to move things there but it’s not 24 hours so the remainder will have to be done tomorrow. And I have Sunday as an absolute last day to get my shit together.

Also I picked up my FR-5 from the welder. I may never use this tool but if I do I’ll be able to turn it with my 15mm.

It’s raining now, and it rained heavy last night. I hope I can ride for a bit before bad weather hits me.

Home alone because my roommate has already moved out I can see exactly what I have to do. It looks like a lot but it’s just 3 things, 3 categories. 1. going with me, 2. going to storage, 3. going to trash/free pile. Easy.

Netflix is wearing the rope I just gotta check the box. The one that says cancel membership.

It’s my last weekend in NY for a while, for the summer. But I think I’m just gonna stay in tonight.

I just got a call from a friend in Ohio telling me that he is throwing a race the 3rd weekend of September. In Ohio and the winner gets a heavy cash prize. I’ve won his races in the past. So now I’m thinking maybe, if this race happens, I should do what I need to do to get back to NYC in time to get on a bus or something to Ohio and try my luck at this race. Maybe.