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Park GP-2

Sticker patches only work if you apply them the right way. Some people don’t like them but I’ve had good luck and this will be the fourth tour I’ve taken GP-2 as my only way to patch a tube. Of course I’ll bring spare tubes as well.

Made in USA


Park CT-5 and CTP

Here is a chain tool.

And here is a spare chain tool pin.

Both good things to have.

I remember the first time I needed to use a chain tool. It was on a single speed bike and I used something on a multi tool. It was not the best thing but it worked. I rode about 15 miles and the chain broke as I was riding up a small hill. I was standing on the pedals at the time, and I hit the street real fast and very hard. I remember that I broke my watch but didn’t hit my head. It wasn’t fun. After that I stopped messing with chain tools for a long time.

After moving to NY and making friends with a co-worker who was a mechanic, eventually I changed the chain on a bike of mine with his Park CT-7 shop tool. Having him lend me the right tool and give a few pointers made it easy to get it right and not feel like I might hit the ground in a few miles again.

Eventually I bought a CT-7 for myself and have used it many time without problems. But on a tour that tool would be too much. That’s where the CT-5 comes in. The mini is just as smooth at pushing a chain pit as the bigger one just in a smaller package.

I tested it when I installed the 10 speed chain on my touring bike. I’m sure it’ll be fine. But just in case I went to a local bike shop and bought a spare chain tool pin, and a spare 10 speed chain pin too. The kind you push in and break off the extra bit.

If I have any chain troubles these things should get me back on the road.

Made in USA


Park Tool Co. FR-5

Park FR-5 Cassette Lock Ring tool

I once did a supported 4000 mile ride from NY to LA on a brand new bike. That was nice.  Beside a flat or two the only mechanical problem I had was the cassette lock ring backed off of the 10 speed cassette. I realized this when I shifted and the chain dropped down completely between two of the cogs. This was just a small problem because nothing was lost. I just took off the wheel, took the loose cogs off and cleaned them with a rag since I had the chance. Then I lined them up in place and spun the lock ring on. This tool was not in my kit at that time but I did have a flat head screwdriver. I used that to get the lock ring tight enough to get back on the road for a few miles. After reaching the SAG, I used this tool to tighten it back to spec.

Now I have one of my own.

I want to weld a 15mm nut to the back side so I don’t have to carry a one-inch socket to turn this thing.

Made in USA



Park Tool RW-1 (discontinued)

This is a review of Park Tools Road Wrench 1. It is a short 32mm/15mm to be used on a 1″ headset and pedals.

Two important tools in one. Three really because I need a 15mm to adjust the tension on my Paul canti brakes.

It’s nice that it’s shorter than a shop tool for weight reasons. It’s a hair over 6″.

The two small holes make it able to be mounted between the frame and water bottle cage but I doubt I’ll do that.

I bought this direct from Park Tool. Who, by the way, has great customer service.

Cost: $5

Made in USA