Park CT-5 and CTP

Here is a chain tool.

And here is a spare chain tool pin.

Both good things to have.

I remember the first time I needed to use a chain tool. It was on a single speed bike and I used something on a multi tool. It was not the best thing but it worked. I rode about 15 miles and the chain broke as I was riding up a small hill. I was standing on the pedals at the time, and I hit the street real fast and very hard. I remember that I broke my watch but didn’t hit my head. It wasn’t fun. After that I stopped messing with chain tools for a long time.

After moving to NY and making friends with a co-worker who was a mechanic, eventually I changed the chain on a bike of mine with his Park CT-7 shop tool. Having him lend me the right tool and give a few pointers made it easy to get it right and not feel like I might hit the ground in a few miles again.

Eventually I bought a CT-7 for myself and have used it many time without problems. But on a tour that tool would be too much. That’s where the CT-5 comes in. The mini is just as smooth at pushing a chain pit as the bigger one just in a smaller package.

I tested it when I installed the 10 speed chain on my touring bike. I’m sure it’ll be fine. But just in case I went to a local bike shop and bought a spare chain tool pin, and a spare 10 speed chain pin too. The kind you push in and break off the extra bit.

If I have any chain troubles these things should get me back on the road.

Made in USA