From US 1 onto NB 1

It was a late start, 11am and after breakfast I went straight to the boarder.
Customs gave me 6 months visitor status. I wish I would have taken a photo of the agent, she was pretty. In St. Steven the rain started and I geared up for it by covering my bags and putting on my rain gear. I stopped at the visitor center for some maps. None are very good but it’ll do. Switched my computer to km. And started riding in the rain. After a traffic circle I followed a couple turns onto the Canadian 1.
My whole day except for a few clicks in St George were on the one, much like yesterday and the US 1.
But today was quite different because on this side the 1 is a 4 lane divided highway vs a 2 lane state route in Maine. And very little of anything along the way. Hills trees and gentle curves in the path are all I saw. Maybe 1 or 2 sleepy exits in 45 km. And just that many over-passes. I stopped at both to hide from rain while I ate pb and j in the blowing mist of semi trucks.
Slowly approaching St George I figured that was enough. Some cheese and crackers at the SaveEasy. And a bench out front for well over an hour just watching it rain while I ate crackers and wrote in my note book.
Now camping in a simple town park. A gravel lot and not much more than a picnic table. But there is a dam of some sort right next to me, I’ll check it out tomorrow. I hear the falling of water and a passing car every now and then. I had a short break in the rain to leave the grocery and look around for a tent spot. But as I was setting up the rain came back.
I talked with two people today.
I’m lucky most everything is dry. Dry enough.

When I see banana peels laid so neatly on the shoulder of the road that I have to change my path a bit not to hit them, I can’t help but think there is another touring cyclist just a head of me. But I don’t recall seeing even one other cyclist the whole day. Maybe tomorrow will be different, they say the weather is to be nice the rest of the week. I hope.