Last Full Day on US 1

Last night, after a full day with the Beehive Collective, I had decided if the the weather man was right and there is rain in the morning I’d stay longer but if the morning was clear I’d stay for breakfast, say goodbyes and hit the road before noon.
I woke up to a dry tent and barely overcast skies.
I was up an hour before breakfast was served but by time I was all packed and made my way to the Grange the line was started. Oatmeal and cherries.
I had my bike with me so the ones I had sort of gotten to know knew I was about to leave. I would have liked to stay but I’m in travel mode. They all know what that’s like. A few last photos and a couple people asked for my info.
I wanted to get a photo of these four young kids who got in last night. They sat at the same table as me for breakfast but before I knew it they had left for their projects. I went to the house and found two and learned they were that much of a crew. They just drove up together. Anyway I took a nice shot of the two of them. I lost track of their names.
The very last thing was an official Bees fair-well. A few in the front yard waved handkerchiefs with many goodbyes. I rode down the hill to the 1.
I bought a loaf of bread, a small OJ and a few bananas at the gas station and made my way just after 11am
There was not much else today.
I ate about 6 times. Even stopped at a cafe for grilled cheese and fries. Now much happened there, the most excitement was a 50 states crossword on the placemat. I found Maine but could not find New York. Ohio was easy.
Some clouds the whole day. Never saw my shadow.
I did stop to talk to Gregory. A man hammering a roof onto a structure mention to be a bathroom/greenhouse over a septic tank. Lives half the year in India. Would much rather hitchhike than bike. Made scarecrows from 6 foot logs by hammering washers on for eyes and nose and dressing them in thrift store clothes. There were about 25 of them scattered about. Some in the weeds across the highway. “these ones don’t like those ones”
We talked for about 15 min. But he had work to do and I had miles to ride more before the rain started.
Not much else to Calias. Learned of a Walmart. Tented it there. Crossing the boarder in the morning if the rain clears. Raining as I set up the tent. Plain sight.
Thought I might switch to km on the cycle computer since I’ll be in Canada for a few weeks. But how?
Also thought to be clean shaven as I cross. But that’s not happening unless I shave in the Walmart bathroom in the morning. Na.
Would like to get a new, non broken screen, good battery having, slightly better camera equipped iPod touch and a solar charger. But no money for that stuff right now.
Also my 34″ Outliers are a size too big now. What happened??
I rode 64 miles today. Almost all of that was on US 1.