Camping in Backyards is Nice

I met a Doctor today as I was looking around Saint John. I had ridden from St.George and seen the reversing rapids near high tide. Deciding not the leave before seeing the river flow the right direction I went to look around town. After dealing with a nonsense bike lane into the city center I rode up a hill and looked and a free map I had and not two seconds later a guy in scrubs and on a bike w a pannier asks if I need help and such. We talked a min and suggested I camp in his yard “we have a great sunset right on he river”. I found out that was true. But first I re-up my stove fuel at a camping store and rode around for photos and looking for wifi. After 3 days and an new country I thought I should send out an Eh. Back to the gorge for some clearing out of my snacks supply. And a draining of my water. I keep running out of water. This is bad. Watched sport kayakers ride the waves. Photos. And after a chatted with them about the water and riding out of town. On my map I made a note of the doctors name a house number. One of the guys by the river knew him. Seemed I was best to get there before sunset. Making notes of out of town routes, I made tracks for the house I might stay at.
I got there in time. It was perfect. I’m in my tent listening to the waves of the river lap up on the small shore right out their back door. We had sat inside talking for about an hour over tea. Very nice people. Listening to a good record. Eating blueberry pie w ice cream.
I did not get very far today. The weather was much nicer and I rode a lot quicker. But Saint John was to nice to zip through. I’ll leave in the morning. And it’s good I stuck around, the few people I spoke with all suggested a different route that I would have chose had I just rode in and rode out.
Now the plan is follow the river not the coast. I’ll see much coast in the next weeks. I’ll avoid the hill and save a few miles on the way.

Oh on the 1, in a section that was just a 2 lane, I crossed paths with another fully loaded touring cyclist. I had the up hill at the time. I rang my bell and said hey as I slowed. He just smiled and waved as he kept pedaling. Sort of bummed about that. He would have been the first person I’d have talked to for the day.
Another odd thing was this morning in St George I asks the girl outside the visitor center where I could get coffee and find wifi. Tim Hortons and “we dont have Internet here”