Beyond the Busy Tourist Areas

I woke up on Thompson Island again and stopped in the visitor center to decide ferry or ride the 1. I’d have to book it 7 miles in 25 min to catch the 11:30 or kill time til the 2:pm. Looking on the map it would save me about 30 mile from where I stood but that’s not counting the 7 to get to the ferry. The ferry being a $25 ride from Bar Harbor to the East section on Acadia NP. I decided to ride. Stopping at the Walmart to stock up on many fruits.
Then miles of comparatively quiet 1 and 1A. I met a lady at a Gulf station as I was re-upping H2O. She gave me both her business cards. I thought I might get invited for a beer, she was on a beer run. As we talked about green and black tarps two other lightly loaded trailer toteing tourist rode by heading south. Did not stop. My new friend took my picture. And then I rode on. Many more miles of quiet.


My map of Maine is clearly paid for by a grocery called Hannafords bc there are icons in every town that has a store. Good for me because not all town on my map are towns at all. Machias was the next town looking worthy of a nights camp, to have a place to buy dinner and then breakfast. On my way in to town on a desolate 1A I saw a girl painting in a yard. I had to stop. From there I was sort of sucked into the prep for the Black Fly Ball. Dinner. Many introductions. Lots of friendly people and a safe place to camp in the huge contorted and very green backyard. Sharing it with about 20 other tents.
I passed on going to the river on the full moon because I figured it to be very cold to swim. Instead I walked my bike back to my tent. And walking through the yard I found a circle of people around a fire playing music and singing songs. I sat and listened for as long as they played. And then to bed.
My day was almost as lonely as any so far. Only talking to one person up until the evening but by talking to Kathy the painter I was taken in by 50 or so of the most welcoming people. It turned into a very good day. And in the small world that it is Sherry, who I know from pol0, is here.