A Day on Mount Desert Island

I woke up on the small island Thompson. I rode straight to the Acadia National Park visitor center and paid my $5 to bike around. That pass was never checked by any official. From there I rode straight to the Cadillac Mountain summit. There were many cars and a few bikers. I even passed a few on the way up. Walking around with just my camera, I had a couple recognize me and we chatted a bit about travel. Lunch of P B and J then a quick ride down to Bar Harbor for some chill time in the grass by the water and boats. Found a plug and wifi next to a light post.


Second lunch was vege patty sub from Subway. Think that was $8 w cookies and Dr. Pepper.
Sitting on a bench I met a local named Ebbin who gave me a tip about good roads to do a loop on the quiet side of the island. And that’s what I did. And that’s how I racked up 64.8 miles for the day by time j got back to the place I woke up, to camp there again.
I was eating my pasta dinner by the side of the road next to a trail head, a couple in a BMW wagon parked beside me. Both were on their iPhones figuring out a place to eat. I could hear their conversation, she was looking for one place and he was to look up another. They must have figured it out because about two min later they speed off. Probably to walk into a place 5 min before they close.
After i packed up and got back to biking to my camp spot I kept thinking about how lonely eating by the side of the road, biking in the dark and solo camping can be. The reverse is that even if the fun I’m having is balanced by the total absence of finer things, like affection, or daily showers, or eating in-doors and with company I know that not all of those would happen if I was still living the non-nomadic life. With the options I have I think I chose the right path, at least for the next few weeks.