With the Beehive

Waking up within the Beehive camp on a Sunday is probably the best timing I could have had. Breakfast was at 10 vs 8 during the week and the projects many are doing are on hold for a day. Leaving time to chill. It was not a difficult choice to take a rest day here. Someone made a small bit of eggs in the house before breakfast at The Grange. That’s where I ate dinner last night. I took a quick shower. Pancakes and greens for breakfast in a hall that fits 60. Then coffee and talk with too many to recite. But after that I washed dished for a while w 3 others out back in the sun.
Later, a walk to the store for a large yogurt and granola to share. Some painting of art at the craft house. The same place I met Kathy yesterday. A nap. A ride around town. Hearing talk of the rain that’s coming. A roll of portraits mixed with other photos on film. And a side run to Subway for a vege foot long. I feel like I can eat for 3 I’m so hungry. All the time. It’s 5:30pm now and all my things are in my tent out back so this is a rest day.
People keep asking how long I’m staying and what are my plans. I have no real answer but I think I’ll roll out tomorrow as long as it’s not pouring.
I did say that I’m the type of person that if in a new group of 50 and 49 were totally nice and fine with me and 1 was like -who is this and why are they here- I would not have stated this long. But everyone is very nice and I feel welcome.
Kind of wish I could stay a week and be here for the Black Fly Ball. They say over 1000 people will come and it’s a great time.
I hope no rain but if there is I could not be stuck in a better place.