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Outlier Summer Merino Baselayer

Outlier has many items I want to have with me on a long tour. Clothes determine comfort. They keep me warm, they keep me cool, they keep me dry. This tank has a simple classic look. It reminds me of something from the 30’s or 40’s. Plus it serves two uses, I can wear it alone if the temperature is high or if it’s very cool this makes a great base layer.

Here is the story from Outlier.

A sleeveless henley style baselayer, perfect for warm weather or year round simplicity. The Super 100 merino rib minimizes skin contact to enhance merinos natural cooling and moisture wicking performance. For added cooling ability unbutton it down to the sternum. It’s counterintuitive for sure, but we find that it’s more comfortable in hot and humid climates to wear a Summer Merino Baselayer plus a cotton shirt than it is to wear the cotton alone. The New Zealand merino is Super 100 grade (18.9 micron) and Zque certified. Soft, dry and insanely comfortable, a summertime classic for cool layering.

One thing about Outlier, and I may have said this before, they make small batched so some items sell out and may or may not come back the next season. A few of the articles I have are no longer available. When I think about that I’m glad I got in in time because these clothes are the best I own and having them determines my comfort in a positive way. For people new to their products, if it seems expensive, remember these are the best quality fabrics, made in New York, and owned and operated by people who care about their products and the customers who wear them.

Made in USA



Outlier Climbers

I’m bringing one pair of pants and theses are the ones. I thought about bringing my Outlier Workwear pants because I think they have a more durable fabric but I think the climbers are better because they have more stretch. The Climbers are still durable, this cloth has so many good qualities. It’s light, warm, repels water but dries fast when wet and seems to just stay clean after many wears. But mostly because I see myself squatted over a camp stove and these are really good for biking in as well because of the 4-way stretch. I’ve gone on hikes in varied terrain and they never felt encumbering. They fit me close but not tight although I don’t really need to roll the leg up while on the bike.
Like everything Outlier makes, these are the shit. A perfect pair of pants for bike touring.

Made in USA


Outlier Merino Hoodie

This is one fine hoodie.  Soft, comfortable, warm and breathable. Merino again, this thing is an essential for the cooler days. Or if I’m in the mountains or up north or still riding in the cooler months I’d be a fool to not have a hoodie.

If it’s really cool out I’ll wear my Outlier Packable Heat jacket over this and be set.

Mine is green. A good army green. Maybe not Army green but a green that would blend in if I was just off the roadside somewhere setting up camp for the night. A green that is not unlike the color of my tent.

I bought this directly from Outlier at a sample sale. Later I learned that they only made three green ones.

Made in New York of New Zealand Merino wool.


Outlier Empire Merino T

Outlier may not still call this the “Empire” T. Either way, this the first article of merino I ever owned. That was early 2009 right before I went on my NY to LA 4000+ mile supported tour. I’ve worn this beyond countless times since then and have washed it enough to lose count of how many times. But I put it on the other day and was really surprised to assess it’s condition and I would describe it “black as black” and looking new. Everything Outlier makes gets a good review from me. Merino is the shit.

By that I mean Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. Also it contains lanolin with antibacterial properties.

I feel like anybody who rides a bike across the country or from some sea to another just automatically brings a black T. Bring a good one.

Made in NYC with fabric from New Zealand


Outlier Ultrafine Merino Polo

For real who doesn’t want to look good? They don’t make this color anymore but I got one.

Pretty much all the clothes I’d take on tour are merino and/or made in USA, this is both.

So this shirt is perfect for those long weekends where I have this on during the flight going to some 3 or 4  day event somewhere. I wear it out one or two of those nights, stuff it in my messenger bag the rest of the time,  and I can still wear it on the flight home because it’s still don’t look bad or smell bad. Merino is the shit.

After all this shirt has been through there’s no way it’s staying in home when I travel.

Made in New York City


Outlier Three Way Shorts

These are the most comfortable shorts I own. They stretch in all directions so riding in them does not constrict. They repel water and dirt. In a light rain water just rolls off, and most dust and dirt is easy to just brush off. They dry really fast and stay clean. The fabric is soft and comfortable but after months of riding there is nearly no wear in the areas that usually show wear after a few weeks.

I really like Outlier and this is not the only article I own. Good stuff.

Made in NYC with Swiss fabric.