Outlier Empire Merino T

Outlier may not still call this the “Empire” T. Either way, this the first article of merino I ever owned. That was early 2009 right before I went on my NY to LA 4000+ mile supported tour. I’ve worn this beyond countless times since then and have washed it enough to lose count of how many times. But I put it on the other day and was really surprised to assess it’s condition and I would describe it “black as black” and looking new. Everything Outlier makes gets a good review from me. Merino is the shit.

By that I mean Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. Also it contains lanolin with antibacterial properties.

I feel like anybody who rides a bike across the country or from some sea to another just automatically brings a black T. Bring a good one.

Made in NYC with fabric from New Zealand