Outlier Summer Merino Baselayer

Outlier has many items I want to have with me on a long tour. Clothes determine comfort. They keep me warm, they keep me cool, they keep me dry. This tank has a simple classic look. It reminds me of something from the 30’s or 40’s. Plus it serves two uses, I can wear it alone if the temperature is high or if it’s very cool this makes a great base layer.

Here is the story from Outlier.

A sleeveless henley style baselayer, perfect for warm weather or year round simplicity. The Super 100 merino rib minimizes skin contact to enhance merinos natural cooling and moisture wicking performance. For added cooling ability unbutton it down to the sternum. It’s counterintuitive for sure, but we find that it’s more comfortable in hot and humid climates to wear a Summer Merino Baselayer plus a cotton shirt than it is to wear the cotton alone. The New Zealand merino is Super 100 grade (18.9 micron) and Zque certified. Soft, dry and insanely comfortable, a summertime classic for cool layering.

One thing about Outlier, and I may have said this before, they make small batched so some items sell out and may or may not come back the next season. A few of the articles I have are no longer available. When I think about that I’m glad I got in in time because these clothes are the best I own and having them determines my comfort in a positive way. For people new to their products, if it seems expensive, remember these are the best quality fabrics, made in New York, and owned and operated by people who care about their products and the customers who wear them.

Made in USA