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MSR MugMate

mugmate for bike touring

A small, light, infinitely reusable, coffee and tea filter with lid. I might ditch the lid and  also drill a hole in one side of the handles so i can attach a key ring & mini carabiner.

After some tea and coffee testing ive learned this works really well with tea. Using this for coffee is good but attention to the grinds coarseness is at least a little important. I drink coffee because it is coffee not because i care much about what kind or style it is. So if this thing is light weight and durable but doesnt  correct for variations in grind fineness or coarseness, well i can live with that.

On a short bike tour it might make sense to just buy $2 coffee whenever. On a longer tour saving a few cents or a buck on each cup will add up to something. And with that, the trip could be a extended little longer.

– after some use.. boil water, add grinds into pot, let sit and stir lightly, pour thru the mugmate into coffee cup(s). Most of the grinds stay in water pot. Can make as much or as little coffee as needed in one go.

Weight 1 oz
Cost: $16
Made in Germany

MSR BlackLite Classic Cookset

I’ve had this since my living-in-a-van-and-snowboarding-everyday days. The coating is still there, it’s light enough, and doesn’t take up too much space. On a solo tour I’d probably ditch the smaller pot and just go large pot, fry pan, gripper and the stuff sack it came with.

I did use this an average of once a day for two months on my last tour. Still in great shape.

I don’t think this option is still available. I have no idea where it was made or how much I spent on it.

All I remember is I bought it at Kittredge Sports in Mammoth Lakes, CA. about 6 or 7 years ago.

MSR SuperFly Stove

Not all MSR stove are made in the US, this model is. The Pocket Rocket is not.

The Superfly cost about $10 more and is not as small but it has 4 of those things that hold the pan up, vs. 3 on the pocket rocket. And this one has a larger circle for where the fire come out. I think that gives a more even heat, kind of important when making pancakes or grilled cheese or cooking eggs.

I had just finished my touring bike and had a weekend day off that lined up with the opening of a new REI store in Yonkers. I’d never been to Yonkers and REI was giving away gift certificates to the first two hundred people in the store. So I got up early and rode about 27 miles and waited in line about 20 minuets while I ate free bagels and juice then was greeted at the door with a branded water bottle with a $25 G.C. inside.

Cost: about $30

Made in USA