MSR SuperFly Stove

Not all MSR stove are made in the US, this model is. The Pocket Rocket is not.

The Superfly cost about $10 more and is not as small but it has 4 of those things that hold the pan up, vs. 3 on the pocket rocket. And this one has a larger circle for where the fire come out. I think that gives a more even heat, kind of important when making pancakes or grilled cheese or cooking eggs.

I had just finished my touring bike and had a weekend day off that lined up with the opening of a new REI store in Yonkers. I’d never been to Yonkers and REI was giving away gift certificates to the first two hundred people in the store. So I got up early and rode about 27 miles and waited in line about 20 minuets while I ate free bagels and juice then was greeted at the door with a branded water bottle with a $25 G.C. inside.

Cost: about $30

Made in USA