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Custom Front Rack Idea


I’m not sure if this would work. Each color is a separate bent tube. I think it would be easier to get the pieces right if none has more than two bends.
It would have attachment plates at the forward eyelet on the dropout and at the mid fork. And a connection at the fork crown.
Also not in this sketch are a few straight pieces to make the top deck give more support.

Ps this is a test post from my iPhone.

Blackburn FL-1 Front Rack

This is the what I bought when I did my first tour. As of right now I still have it but I’ve lost half the mounting hardware. I was wanting something with a top shelf for extra carrying capability, this is just enough for low mounted front panniers only.

I may try to get the required bolts and stuff to put this back on. The thing that bugs me is my fork has the braze-ons half way up the fork blades but they don’t quite line up with this rack, they miss each other by about ¾ of an inch. I’ll have to use the “U” clamps like seen in this image. The U clamps I’ve lost.

I bought this from a local bike shop and forget what I paid.

I do not know where this was made.


Jandd Extreme Front Rack

Well this was a waste of money. Not spatially compatible with my canti brakes.

Meaning that I can install the rack but I can not mount my panniers to it because the bar my bags hook to is above the brake. It should be lower.

I ordered this online. I should have set my eyes on one before making the purchase. To make some use of it I just put in on my other bike that has road brakes. It installed fine, but it has a second problem that will be a worry no matter what bike anyone puts this on.

The two corner bends of this rack that are closest to the head tube (the upper left corner of this image) will contact the down tube part of the bicycle frame if the wheel is turned too far in either direction.

That bend should should be more toward the front of the rack. This is a bad design. My guess is that Jandd made this with little testing and made so many, to keep costs low, that they are still selling them with fingers crossed that people buy out the last of the stock. At least I’d hope. If they still produce these currently without incorporating a re-design that would be a big mistake. Bigger than the mistake I made in buying one.

If this was made of steel I could maybe have a friend do some welding modifications. But no, it’s aluminum.

“Assembled in Mexico, USA components”