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Beto Rear Rack

beto 700c alloy bike rack

Ever since I bought my first touring bike I did not know what brand the rear rack was that I picked up at the same time. The shop gave me a deal on a rack from the discount bin. It didn’t have a name.
While looking around for ideas I found it and learned the brand name it’s from. Beto. Never heard of it but they make a good rack. I’d probably just keep using this but the struts are a tad short to clear the fenders after I move up in tire size.

Pedalingo eBook


I’d like to visit many more places I’ve not been to in this country before I go over seas to tour in Europe or somewhere over an ocean. I daydream about doing a tour of Scotland next after next. And I might just do that. But I could also tour south, and go very far and find many places I’ve never been. I have little interest in paying airfare to ride my bike. So the thought of Latin America as a next after next is a good possibility. But I don’t speak Spanish. There is a lot I think about that but finding this book, and blog is helpful.


Topeak Micro Rocket CB air pump

Topeak Micro Rocket CB air pump

This is an upgraded replacement because I had a bag stolen and it had my flat fix kit in it. I had an old mini pump I carried vs. always making room for my Road Morph. I took the Road Morph on my last bike tour but I’ll test this one out around the city for the next few months and see if it’s tour worthy.

They say it’s good for 160 psi. Sounds like a lot but I don’t need that much pressure anyway.

I do like the little dust cap thing has a tiny hole in it making it a mini dust blower also.

Weight: 55g/1.9oz

Made in Taiwan

Salewa Wildfire

salewa wildfire shoe

Salewa has a variety of products like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks and even crampons and an ice axe. Also different categories of footwear, these fall under “tech approach”. There is a Gore-tex and a women’s version but I think the basic ones will be good for riding and cooler in summer because they are not water proof.

These fit me well and were of course marked down at EMS. $100 out the door. These are shoes and I’m sure they will do fine while they last. What I’m planning on doing is leaving my road race style shoes and pedals at home for this next tour. So this shoe will be worn all day. I’ll not need to make the decision to change shoes if I’m off the bike for more than a few min. If I want to hop over a guardrail real quick for a photo, all the clomping around in gas stations and grocery stores, and all that. Just way more mobile, which is what I want. Although I do lose a super stiff carbon sole to stand on while I pedal a heavy ass bike. I hope they wont flex and hurt my feet too much.

Also less to carry. I will probably take some platform pedals off one of my other bikes.

A segmented raked fork is possible

Segmented raked taper fork
(image source)

I was talking with the welder and understanding more about the history of different fork styles they have made in the past. Much of it is based on the machining tools they have in the shop. Brooklyn Machine Works does have one big milling machine that cuts the frame tubes but to cut the top of unicrown fork blades the set up is much different, so different that it kind of needs to be done on a different machine. If I remember correct its a vertical vs. horizontal thing.

So anyway, there is a style of fork that can be cut with the machine they have, and that is a segmented fork. I want a raked fork and wasn’t sure if doing a combo of raked blade & segmented crown would look weird. But a quick search and we landed on this shot of a nice Geekhouse example. Still need to do more research but this is inspiring.

Chris King Headset

chris king silver headset

I got a brand new one in the parts bin waiting on the frame build to be finished. We had more than one discussion about what type of head tube to use on my custom frame. The simple quality of this component helped us decide to skip all the new new stuff and just go 1 1/8″. Of all the bikes I’ve owned this is only the second King headset for me.

Canon EOS Rebel G

Canon EOS Rebel G body

Canon EOS Rebel G body

I was going to give this to a friend but now that’s not needed so i think I have a new camera. I wanted to find a simple and light 35mm camera that was better than a point and shoot. Also something cheap.

Super small and light for a SLR. It looks like a baby next to my EOS 3. I kinda want to put a 40mm f/2.8 pancake on here. The body is about 14oz (for comparison Canon 5D Mark III is 34oz.) and I think the 40mm lens is 4.6oz.

I don’t know if this will come on my next bike tour but based on size and weight it would be my first recommendation for a low cost SLR camera. If I still own this when I depart on my next tour I’ll be sure to put this in my box of spare crap I intend to leave with a friend so they can mail me replacement/re-up items.

Pros: cheap, light weight, very small for SLR, fun to use, uses any Canon EF lens.

Cons: all plastic so not super tough, only 3 auto focus points & they do not light up, viewfinder only shows 90%.

Made in Taiwan

Update: stolen Jan. 2013