Rain day

Sept. 5th. Day 36
Again woke up to the sound of rain on my tent. I’d woke up a couple times in the night. Maybe the traffic. Or maybe because I tried a night of sleeping on the ground. I left my air pad in it’s stuff sack and just used it as a pillow. I don’t know why I’ve not done the clothes in the stuff sack thing?

It was still morning when the rain stopped. I packed up but made sure to get a photo of the rusty sign post.
Oh, wait a min, I might be in trouble. It’s labor day here and nothing is open. Gas stations, stores, markets.
I had some food. Ate oatmeal for breakfast.

Riding was not as pretty as yesterday. It was but the clouds were low and the light was dark. Even with it being around noon.
The rain was toying with me for a few min. Just light drips. I rode through it. Then not stopping I said well I’m not getting drier. So I geared up for the rain. Grocery bags on the fronts and ground tarp action for the back end. Was good timing. Not much in the way of cover where i was and the rain kicked up it soak mode.

In PercĂ© I’d only done about 45km and it was maybe 1:45. I wanted to see a little of the town, not just roll through and it looked like a few things were open.
But I didn’t do much but sit under a small-as-it-could-be structure covering me and a picnic table from the rain. I found an outlet nearby so I figure some cheese and crackers and a little lag time might make the rain stop.
No such luck. I ate more than half my food sitting there. At a store I bought 3 for $5 big 796ml cans of soup. Rain = soup.
After 40 min of standing in front of the store. Waiting on the rain to stop and watching the odd parking habits of drivers if there are no yellow painted lines to guide them (grocery had gravel lot) Then i thought to go back to park spot with shelter. I did and looked for a tent spot. Right by the water, could set up with a view of the majestic rock out in the bay. But no. Nothing looked good. And iffy feeling about being kicked out. That would suck. Set up then tear down to find another set up spot. In the rain.
Thats it I’m going to the church. I found the church and nothing looked great but I was going to make I work if I had to. Found the one over hang at a side entrance, stood out of the rain, bike too.
Waited for rain to ease, 45km is not enough but I am cold and wet, no more riding in the rain for me.
The church bells rang 4 o’clock. Told myself, if it don’t stop by 5 i’m setting my tent up right there. In the lot right next to the road kind of. The grass looked like puddles. I could see a high spot on the edge of the lot.
5 o’clock. Set up the tent(vertically) under the over hang and carried it over to my spot. Gear inside. Wet clothes off. Dry sock on. Make soup. Relax.
By 6:30 I’m in bed. And it’s still raining.

Hope it’s clear tomorrow. I want to get to GaspĂ©.

Note: buy more woolie boolie socks by Defeet. Have one pair and glad I was sort of saving them for a day like this.