Hotel day

Sept 6th. Day 37
Well not so clear.
Last night I was asleep by 7pm. And awake at 11pm long enough to see the rain had not stopped. And again at 4:30am. This time the wind was lifting my tent.
I had to sit up and unzip an opening to reach my arm and hold the top of my tent where all the tent poles intersect. I held them all. For about two hours.
By 7am I was thinking about getting a hotel room. I waved down a driver and asked about the weather report. Rain ALL day she said.
The debate about what to do.
I figured I’d just find a cheap hotel.
Was starting to get all my bags in order because I figured I’d have a problem getting packed with the wind as bad as it was. My tent was sure to blow down the street if I didn’t keep one hand on it.
As I was about to exit when 2 cars parked at the church. And I was asked to leave.
Kind of surprised by that. But because she was the first person to talk to me in 3 days, not that upset by it.
The other gentleman to arrive was a little more friendly. He understood my situation and directed me to a cheap hotel. Close to the market too.
Everything I had was soaked, wet or damp.
I rode to the hotel and paid $65 for a room at 8am.
Right now it’s 11:12 am and its still raining and windy. Weather on TV says rain til late evening.
Room no. 7 has a mini kitchen so I can cook w/o using my stove fuel. I sat watching Springer for an hour before I noticed the tv was sitting on a mini fridge. Laying everything out to dry. And I’m laying in bed. Bummed about the weather and spending so much money today, getting behind schedule.
Listened to some music on the iPod (first time of the trip) Wayne and Lighting Bolt.