Leaving Truro was no better than Truro

Day 22 (I should have been doing this from the start)

In the more newly commercialized end of Truro is where I woke. Behind a dumpster belonging to Canadian Tire. With a Soybes? Grocery next door and a mcDs across the street for some quick wifi. After breakfast I was already on the 236 so I started West for the first time of this trip.
Hit the country soon and that’s where the hills and wind started. None of it was to my liking. After a few miles I came to the 215. I heard the 215 was better. Rather that the 236 hot really bad with the road conditions and traffic. It was a longer way around, along the bay to a small town of Brooklyn where the 236, that cuts straight the country, and 215 meet again but I figured it could be as nice at the 2 was on the North side of the Cobequid Bay.
215 it is then. Maybe there will be less hills.


Still heading West the wind did not change. And instead of going on and on. The wind was hellish. The hills were shitty and about 45km in it started pissing rain.

There were almost no place with services or shelter. The towns on the map were likely to NOT be a town at all. Instead a sign by the road with a name, like Moose Brook, and absolutely nothing else.

One good thing was in Noel I met a kid who saw me walking my bike to a table to rest. He yelled out “hey you got peanut butter, that’s cool, peanut butter is awesome” he and his buddy came over and asked some questions. They both had bikes too. Told me about biking to school in the winter on the hills. Liked my fenders and rang my bell. Told me about the hills if I took 354 South and the hills if I stayed on 215 West. The buddy asked my name. When I answered the first kid goes “no way! That’s my name too!”. He told me about his soccer finals matches. I think he said he got second. There seemed to be nothing in the area. I’d guess that every kid around would have to play to get a soccer game going. I wish I could have seen some soccer. I miss watching soccer in the park in Brooklyn. Before I left he showed me his neckless with soccer placing and team name. I don’t know why I didn’t take a photo. Because I didn’t now I’m sure it would have been the best photo of my trip.

On the road I had a short break from the rain. But not long. Then about , I don’t even know, 50, 60km more of hurricane rains. No place to stop. Out of water. All food under bags. Felt like shit and the hills and wind were still making me look weak.

I made to a gas station. I didn’t know where I was just riding till I got somewhere. Anywhere.
I wasn’t going anywhere else. Fortunately the owner was inside. Older man named Geery. Or maybe Gary and I heard him wrong. Said it’d be fine. So I did. My best luck came to me at the end of my day. I got to that store 10 before it closed. Very important for the gallon of water I bought. First time of trip. Made pasta before bed. But it also had stopped raining. I set up the tent on wet grass but under dry skies.

One funny thing on my way in the rain. On one little pull out and under a few trees was a man holding an umbrella. He wave me over and said “come take a break” I said what good will that do me? ( I’m creeping up a hill and soaked in pouring rain), “it’ll let up here in a bit” he said. All I could do was blurt out a “Ha” and shake my head. My thought was “I’ll do another 30km before it let’s up”
Now I’m not sure if that guy was real.
I did do another 30 before it let up. But in the end I ate well and slept well.