Big Shortcut Back to the Atlantic Ocean

Day 23
Slow getting on the road by dealing with what was wet and finding ways to dry it all. The weather was great. Sun on my tent door to wake me up. Had oatmeal for breakfast and other things too. Like half a large bag of doritos.
I was already at the 14. The station was on the intersection. The 14 cut across to the Atlantic much like the 12 the 10 and the most western one the 8. The 8 goes from Digby area through the park and hits the coast at Liverpool. A route I had planned on taking. But by taking the 14 South I shortcut about 6 days of riding off my trip.
Totally cool with that. After the 215 yesterday. I dont want to go West along the northern coast anymore than I have too. And this gets me to Halifax sooner.
I rode the ride. In the first few I didn’t feel too good, slow. But after a second breakfast in Walton I was good to go. Had done 50 before I knew it.
After more hills and quiet roads and lots of sun i hit the coast at Chester. A ship town. Lots of old pretty houses. Looked around but there was really not much there for me so I hit the road. The 3 East. Of course I forget to fill up water. Wasn’t till another 25km later I get to Blandford. Stopped at the first place I see,The Deck, and I end up spending 20 bucks on dinner. “hodge-podge” soup with brown bread and a local beverage. After that a vege pizza.
Charged the iPod and emailed back to Halifax BP guys while eating. The sun was setting as I paid my bill so i rode back up the road a min to get a better view. Was good.
Camping in the town ball fields with permission from the ladys at The Deck.
Feels good to set up my tent before dark for once. But holy shit were there a ton of mosquitos.
Tomorrow I ride east to Halifax.