Day After Bangor

I’ve passed the pol0 cities for now. I will be in Halifax but I cant say when or have any idea what day. I still need to send an email to the club to see what’s up. So far it was Sun. pol0 in NYC. The next day I left, then get to Boston by Wed to play(good games), then Portland, ME by Sun to play(I was there they were not) then be in Bangor by Wed(great time at pol0). So even though this has be a pretty care free ride I have had some time constraints. That lightened up a bit today. But talking to my hostess last night and this morning about Nova Scotia I think I just added 300 miles to my time there. Plus the fact the St. John ferry would cost $81 for me and bike I may just ride around. Also adding time and miles in New Brunswick. I can’t slow down too much. I want to try to be in some cities in the latter part of the ride before it’s too late in the season.
But on a time saving note I may take a ferry from Bar Harbor to the other section of Acadia Park. Saving me a days ride and many miles on a busy Route 1.

Today I camped on the side of the road behind a few trees and brush just before the road goes onto the island. About 1/2 mile before the 3 and 198 split.

Also of note, I woke up at 7:47am and was in bed in the tent at 8:32pm but it’ll be at least be 10 before I’m asleep.

Also the last place I filled up H2O was from a dirty hose on the side of a gas station. The bathroom sink was busted.

And I cracked 700 miles on the odo today.

My route was 1A to the 3. Bangor to Trenton. Slept on Thompson Island.