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The nothingness between

Sept 15th. Day 46
Woke up at 7am to rain.
Rain stopped at 12:30
Out of tent at 1
Red bull and Doritoes and crappy gas station muffin for breakfast.
On the road just before 2
Um. 132 all day. To Sorel-Tracy.
It was cool and cloudy but dry the rest of the day.
Found a Tim Hortons for lunch. Coffee, butter bagel, butter blueberry muffin. Under $4.
Didn’t talk to anyone today if I don’t count twitter or email.
The last thing i did was crash my bike in, and because of, loose gravel as I was scouting a spot. Cut small hole in palm but will be fine. A pain in my knee but my knees were hurting already. Bike seems fine, no need to check until tomorrow.

Today was a weather forced half day. But I still did 87km and did it before total dark. The sun is setting before 7pm now.
The last 20km were pretty fast. I didn’t want to be on a country road in the dark. My lights batteries are about dust. And shits too expensive here to buy more.
My average speed for the day was highest of the trip, if I had to guess. I just pushed on flat roads against a light wind. But knew it was only for half the time a normal day is, so try to get it behind me.
Should roll into Montreal tomorrow.
Soup and crackers for dinner again but I did have a 500 of Greek yogurt today.

The bad thing about free camping beside a Canadian Tire is it’s not till I’m in bed do I hear the faint music being played over their PA system (you jerks are closed, turn your crap off). Sara Mcglocklin – where have all the cowboys gone.

Panasonic RF-P50 FM-AM Radio

Shiiiiiiit. How am I not gonna take a radio?

I have an iPod but I never use it. Why? I don’t have one of those add-on speaker things and I can’t ride with headphones. There is no NPR on my iPod. iPods have to charge on a wall somewhere. This has a speaker, tunes NPR and runs on double A’s.

Bought at B&H in Manhattan


Made in Indonesia