PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger

I’ve only just seen this on the web. But could look like something to get before my next tour.

Some info from MEC site. They say it’s made in USA but they are not always accurate with that info. I do know that Eneloop batteries are made in Japan.

PowerFilm Solar USB + AA Solar Charger

Product Number: 5024-540
Made in USA

Weight: 215g

This flexible solar charger is foldable and packable, so you can bring it wherever you’re bound. Under full sun, it charges the included 2AA batteries in about four hours. You can then use the batteries to charge other devices when no sunlight is available.

  • Panels are made of amorphous silicon which captures a broad spectum and works well in sunny or cloudy conditions.
  • USB port for direct charging of most micro USB devices, like cell phones, smart phones, and iPodsĀ®.
  • Battery charging current is 400mA at 3.6V.
  • USB charging current up to 1A at 5V.