2013.. thinking about another tour

It seems a long time ago. The summer into the fall of 2011 was the last time I spend a good many days on the road, camping, seeing new places, and all the things that are Bike Touring.

Now that feeling is coming back, I need to go on another tour. I cant right now for the regular reasons. but i know if i set it up, and start setting it up by spring or early summer, i could go for a shorter tour this fall. Maybe a couple weeks. But I’ve never done a 2 week tour. All my touring has been 8 weeks or more. And i feel like I’m due for a good one. I’m thinking 5 seasons and fall is the best so prob two falls.

That would take much more prep time. In my mind I’m thinking a year to get ready, making the end of summer 2014 an ideal start time.

Right now I’m bouncing around the idea of building a new bike. Having a custom frame built to replace my 15 year old touring bike. A local builder, US made tubing, lots of details worked out, geometry similar to my current bike.

Anyway, all that is a long way off. In the mean time I’m just looking at a bunch of new and old bike touring stuff on the web.