upon return..

About 36 hours after tour over

I rushed back to Brooklyn.
Not a mistake
Thought if I ride 329 miles in three days I’d be in Brooklyn Friday night. I was.
I got lucky and stumbled into a friend of a friend who gave me a place to stay.
And then Saturday. Well since I have no phone and a few of my main people are out of town. Not that great of a day. I just wanted to feel excitement.
A little too little

I did watch soccer. Missed that

And I had eggs for breakfast. Good stuff


Stood on B’way and watched to foot traffic. And saw a OWS march.

Ate pizza

Thought about my lack of connection.

Visited the clothing shop. Saw friends. But that felt a little uncomfortable.

I’m a jerk. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 5 days.

So useless in the space I take up. Do I even want to stay here?

Try to remember on a scale it’s only a 3.

But what I don’t like is that my heart hurts. As in real chest pains.
Am I unhealthy. I need sleep

I need lots of sleep