A half day into Montreal

Sept. 17th. Day 48
A breakfast of weed granola cereal(the brand found at Whole Foods that I like so much) with yogurt and fresh raspberry and strawberry in a glass goblet thing. Looked great, had to take a photo before eating.
We had coffee and a walk around the complex. The garden, the bochy ball pit, the park across the street. And we chatted some more back in the apt. After a few hours it was near time for me to be riding. I helped Yues get air in his bike tires(his first ride of the year) and I would have helped him oil his chain but I am surprised I didn’t notice the pail orange color of dry rust that was his chain until after we were riding. He was wanting to ride with and guide me to the bike way that would get me to Montreal. It was maybe a 10 min ride together. And we spent another 10 chatting and saying goodbye at the river. I took his photo with his bike and he surprised me with a gift. He insisted because he would do the same for his children but can’t.

I rode a slow wobbly ride into the city. But first I had to wait 20 min on a draw bridge. There was a bunch of other bikers waiting too. But I was the life of the party. My bike was the coolest one there. Well, the most unique set up. I’ve decided that the only thing “cool” in this world is wild creatures. Could be a spider or a whale.

And after the bridge, more bike path but it went right by a real auto race track that was open for biking. I did a lap. And one of my fans from the drawbridge was near one of my stops for a photo. He came over to give me a carrot. (ha, just now thinking about how it was my first carrot and I’ve been “chasing a carrot” this whole trip). After that I stop at a booth selling coffee but was very hot and I set my mug back where I keep it but all the coffee leaked/spilled out from lid popping out of seal just enough. I didnt notice the leak until just after it was all over my pannier and the ground. No coffee for me. Wasted $1.25.

In the city I just roam.
I find wifi and look up the bike shop I was directed to, Bikurious. No pol0 players there but the court was near. Go to the pol0 court, a hockey rink, just to see. Eat PB&J while I watch in-line skate hockey. Good players. 20 min and they were done.
The rink looks very good. Very good.
And, as it ended up, that is where I set up my tent.

Killing time before dark I just walked around. I didn’t have anyone talk to me and everyone was in too much of a hurry to smile back if I caught enough eye contact to smile or gesture.
Like a version of Manhattan, cool kids, pretty girls, people with money, and lots of general/typical/average tourist. It’s hard to fit in with that. Of course there were the beggars and unaffected locals too. I just walked around and found places to sit if I felt like sitting. Tried to find some contacts via internet but just ended up looking at twitter and checking email.

Around 8pm I saw a backpacker sitting on a curb alone and I approached him to ask how his night was and maybe get more info about camping inside the city. His first day too. From Korea but traveling from Vancouver. We talked for a while right there by the curb of the road. Then we decided to go for a walk. For me it was good to make a friend even if we only chatted and walked for a hour or more. He was off to camp at the mountain. I thought my scouting might be done and didn’t want to ride, or walk my bike up a mountain(couldn’t be that bad but still)
A last email check at Starbucks and a water fill and quick charge. Then a slow stroll back to my prospected camp spot.
Tonight, because there are creepers in this city and I don’t know where they all are, I set my tent up in a corner of linked fence and bike is locked to fence just in front of tent door. I rigged my cooking pots lid to my bike to make extra noise if the thing is moved and the front wacky wheel is in the tent. Fingers crossed.

Traffic noise is high and there is a party(lots of laughing and loud talking) in an apt just close but I’m in the dark and feel comfortable.

I can already say that day 48 is very likely to start with “walked across the street for gas station coffee”