From the notebook

Sept 12th Day 43
Not much happened today. It was a lot like work at a so so job. I got on the bike and didnt get off until I got to where the boss said.
I took some breaks. Food, water, coffee, photos. Short breaks, then more riding. Not fast. But not as slow as yesterday. There was wind, just a bit less powerful.
I think my evening was nothing more than riding to get to Montmagney before dark. I got there just about sunset. In town I bought food at IGA. Got hot water at at a gas station coffee machine(easier on the stove fuel making pasta) and cold water across the street at Subway. Then about dark I scouted a spot in the grass on the outside edge of a big chain store side lot, Max-something. In the inside of an L in a chain link fence. Lots of shadows but just big enought to hide my tent. A great spot really. Was easy to find and easy to decide on.

Now since nothing happend today I’ll type what it is I wrote in my notebook about noon today at a rest spot 4 or 5 hours into my day.

Walked to gas station for bathroom and coffee,
put $1.25 in a machine. Bad. b/c it had to pour into a cup. My mug too tall. & it makes coffee from little plastic packs. Like a coffee-cartridge I had to insert in machine.
Did not fill mug. So I thought to add more volume and calories I’d add cream. More bad. From a plastic pack & ruined coffee. But I still drank it.
I went down the road. Saw a Walmart in town. But stopped outside a McD. Not long. During, a man was smoking. I didn’t like it so I rolled out to the middle of the lot.
– Stopped @ IGA for bananas, 6pk donuts, & Greek yogurt. & a charge.
Inside i tried to ask were bananas were. But the guy only spoke French. I excused myself because what dumbass can’t find bananas? Even if they are hiding them.
Later outside a guy walked by me as I ate a banana & told me the word. I forget now but I was very thankful for his saying so.

– Riding before 9am. 51k by 12:30
– Sat by some creepy christ statue for a short break.
– In Saint Denis I stopped again for PB&J. In only gas station aske for h2o, no. Need to buy bottled. & same stupid coffee machine. I walked out w/ nothing.
– Winds again today. Not as bad but I’m very tired.
– Thinking about making a shortcut back to Brooklyn. Is Montreal important?
– The PB (Kraft) I have now is gross & the jelly (Presidents Choice) pure raspberry is not the best either
– What is pectin?
– One cool thing. At IGA I got a shopping cart sticker. (sticker of a shopping cart)

shopping cart sticker