Day 25
I sort of tried but could not find the vantage point I had seen in an old photo. It was of the bridge. I still need to get a good look at the thing.
This morning I rode 25km into the city. I stopped at the first bike shop I saw and asked about bike pol0. No info. Was about to buy new SPD-SL cleats but at the check out after hearing the price I changed my mind. Figured I’d shop around. Roaming I found another smaller shop with younger less uniformed employees. No cleats but good pol0 info. Sent me to the shop that houses most of the players. Ideal Bikes. Got there and asked if they play pol0. His response was “Doug! I’m Michael”
Oh cool I found the spot. Met the dudes. Hung out a bit. Some local info. The shop was all used bikes and parts. So I didn’t figure to ask about road racing cleats. But I gave it a shot anyway. No. Chatting some more. And another guy, Mike, holds up a cleat and says “like this one?”. Perfect. And no charge. Looked for the pair in the bottoms of the bin he found the first but no. One was all I need anyway.
Rode around the point. Chilled. Didn’t do much just looked at the city. The little I could going as slow as I was. Back to the shop a little before pol0. Rode over on a pol0 bike. My touring bike was taking a nap in the shop while I played bike pol0 in the eastern most pol0 city in North America. Great group, court, and lights. Night games are nice but I had yet to eat dinner and it was way past the time I’d gone to bed for the last week. Didn’t care.
Michael, Mike, Collin, Christopher, Will, Roscoe, and one more I regretfully can’t recall his name.
Collin offered his back yard for a camp spot. So that’s where I’m camped. Made the last of my pasta from last night out my tent door and typed this up as well as a few loopy sounding tweets I’ll send tomorrow at the coffee shop next to Ideal Bikes.
Also went into MEC store here. No service to speak of wanted to ask about solar chargers. They had about 4 options. Did not bother to ask. Wasn’t buying. On my exit a girl getting off her bike to go in spoke to me a little after I said hi. We talked about touring. In there she introduced herself properly. I liked that. She wished me well on my travels.
They say a hurricane is on the way. Irene. For some tweets from today looks like NYC is getting some soon or now.