Eat like a King. Ride solo

Day 24
In the morning there was a teenager doing side work around the fire dept. As I was getting up we had a conversation. After he walked back to the FD i decided to bike down to The Deck to go to the restroom. He saw me from the bay doors and said I could go right there.
After, we both walked up to where he was doing some clearing and my tent was. He gave me a bottled water and a couple electrolyte powder packs. Blue stuff, drank one right away. He also told me to go a spot called The Diner for breakfast. It was on the way out for me and he said they had a bigger menu. When asked if they made good pancakes he said “i don’t know, I always get the burgers”. I should have known.
I rode there, 3.5km from where I started. I walk in and it’s just like an unfurnished house. Just tables in a side room I think was meant to be living room. I asked the waitress if I could plug in my phone? She said, with a pause, “sure I guess it’d be alright” but it sounded like “well arent you just a pain in the ass”. I looked at the menu for all of ten seconds and she asked me for my order. I looked and didn’t see pancakes. “no sorry, we dont do them”. I was polite as I could be but I knew I’d get a better meal and much better service back at The Deck. I didn’t mind back tracking, so i did. At The Deck I spent over an hour and $23 on breakfast. Meaning I talked with the cook and ate a lot. And two coffees plus one for the road. And plugged in my iPod. And took a photo of the two cooks, nice people. They invited me back.
Around about noon I took off to the road again feeling really good.
The rest of the 329 was incredible. Very nice views.
Made it back onto the 3 East way too soon. But only as long as it too to get to the 333. That would take me by Peggy’s Cove I’d heard about.
One thing is my cleat on my left shoe wore down to nothing. I put that foot down the most and pivot on my left to get my right leg over the saddle getting on the bike so it sees much more wear. Gotta get a new cleat set in Halifax. But I have a spare set sitting right there back in BK. Damn. Money I don’t want to spend.
Also need to get a water bottle. But like a spare fuel tank to hold the water more than to drink out of.
Also at the end of my ride, past the near servicelessness of the entire length of the 333, at least up to the road side church I’m camping at right now, uh, oh yeah I had to buy a full-size can of pasta sauce. I usually get a jar and use half and lid it up till the next night for the other half. Not so easy with a can. But the lucky part is that even though I’d completely run out of PB(a first on this tour) I still kept the jar, not wanting to litter and seeing no trash cans. I made pasta on the steps of the church. And as I usually do, I used bread to sponge the extra sauce off the pan after I eat. Well I took another slice and sponged out the last residue of PB out that jar and then poured the remaining pasta sauce into something I can tote around for a day. I’d almost poured it into my stainless coffee mug but would have been bummed to not have it for tomorrow in Halifax. I’m sure I’ll get a morning coffee there.
Did 101 km today and ate dinner and set up my tent before dark. Not bad for a 12:15 start.
Peggy’s Cove was pretty, on the way there a part of the 333 is so close to the Atlantic that I spit into it.
Also found wild black berries on the roadside just past there. Oh and I found wild raspberries on the last bit of the 329.
One good thing was I stopped at a bike/coffee shop on the 3. I was looking for cleats. None. But the guy let me have his Halifax map. I think it was his only one. Very generous. But it seems like he was never gonna need it for himself. I’m glad to have a map of town before I get to town.