Into Sackville N.B.

I woke up beside the Saint Joseph church. I had riden there after riding out of Moncton just before sunset.
Yesterday started up on a foggy vista inside the Fundy National Park. I was not wanting to make the decent into Alma after already riding over 150k so I was up top the last hill before hitting the coast. I rode into Alma right before low tide. Very good timing because I think I found the one place I had seen a photo showing the extreme tides. Might be the photo from wiki. Anyway I saw it at a good time. Boats sitting on the floor 20 feet below the docks height. Only to find out the town of Alma is on boil order for their water. I had to ride back up the hill to get clean water from the parks water system.
I spoke to one man at the general store. And after a Sticky Bun at the bakery and rolling out of town I seen him again outside his house. “just burning some trash”. He’d given me direction to Short Cut Road. To get back to the coast but avoid a big hill. It worked and after riding thru Fundy Park (nothing but hill after huge hill for about 20 miles) I did want to avoid hills. Very pretty ride. Little traffic. I caught up to a family of 3 touring from Saint John to Moncton. And as it turns out they knew my host Peter in St John too. After a talk I made my way ahead of them. And not long after I saw a freshly flipped car in a ditch. Might have been closer to that happening if we had not stopped to trade notes.
In Moncton I ate and walked thru main st to see a motorcycle show. Sort of stayed too long but on my last turn out of town was a burning old 70’s Camaro. Two tone blue and white. A blaze. I yelled to go to the gas station and get their fire extinguishers. They did not. The fire truck was there in a min.
I rode and rode to find a church. I stopped at a house two men were in a garage and gave me directions to St. Joseph church. Right at the ESSO go a mile or two. I though people spoke in km but they speak in miles.
So today, out of the church. Bask to the ESSO of snack and use toilet. Then down the road and met Wayne. Excited man in his 70’s. He had done some touring in Europe many years ago. Invited me to his house right next door. Drank some water and talked about Canada history.
Traded photos. And he gave me a “S” clip. Like double caribiner.
Into Sackville finally. Ok all is fine till I try to buy a coffee they don’t take credit. Got to the bank. Sat bank is closed. Use ATM. ATM does not take master card. In Canada the banks won’t do both visa and MC. one or other and both here are Visa. Well it turns out the coffee place will take US cash. And I got quarters to do laundry. But the place does not sell soap. Bought soap with my quarters at dollar store for $1.25. Then laundry needs a Loony and 2 Quarters to do wash. I was getting pissed. Just hot tired and late in the day. Nothing seemed to be right. My stuff was all over the place in the laundry and I’d need to get it all back together to walk around to try and change in for a loony. But right then a man offered to watch my stuff. “sorry I can’t leave my property, it’s all I have I have to keep it with me” he then offered to walk and get me a loony. I had him get two. He came back and I did my wash but it was good I got two because the kid next to me doing wash put money in a busted machine and I did not wash his clothes. He switched machines and I gave him my other loony SOS he could get a wash in too.

Drying now. Back on the road soon. With any luck I’ll be in Nova Scotia by tonight