Simplify cleaning after cooking

One thing that is bad about bringing cooking gear is the clean up after eating. But the other night I made pasta, very simple I boiled water and cooked whole wheat thin noodles, used the pots lid to strain the water out. I added sauce from the jar to the noodle in the pot, added some salt and pepper. Good to go. Ate it right out of the pot I cooked it in. I don’t have a plate. (or a strainer)
But when I’m done I have pasta sauce all over the inside of the pot.
Here is the tip. A slice of bread. Wipe up the left over sauce with bread and the clean up after the meal is a snap. Just a fraction of the water is needed to clean up.
Same goes for the vege burgers I cook. The greasy mess in the skillet. With the corners of cheese that gets stuck on there too. And the grease on the spatula (great to have for pancakes). Wipe the spatula on the bun, or bagel, then use the top of the bagel to mop up the mess in the skillet before setting it on the burger to eat. The pan is nearly clean and I haven’t even taken my first bite yet.