Velo Orange Hammered Fenders 45mm

My friend talked me in to getting these. He helped me get a deal from his account with Velo Orange because he was already putting in an order.

It took me about two hours to install but they look good. They fit on my bike well, don’t make any real noise and have very good coverage. They say 45mm is good for up to 700×32 tires. That’s what I’ve got and don’t see myself going any larger in tire size so these fender should work fine.

I’ve been riding around with these on and they give the bike a good look. They draw complements.


Also, they call these hammered but they are more of a pressed-to-look-hammered. It’s not like some craftsman sat at a bench swinging a hammer at these over and over. If you have never seen these in person, they are clearly made by machine.

Not sure where they are made, my guess, not in the US.

Cost: $35