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Paul Neo-Retro

I have the Neo-retro(seen above) on the front and the Touring canti on the rear. Seems to be a pretty popular touring bike set up. The idea is the on the front the Neo-retros will provide more leverage and more stopping power, and in the rear the Touring canti will still be a strong brake but also provide a slimmer profile and be less in the way of rear panniers.

Getting my hands dirty removing the old off the rack brakes i could see the low quality of them. Then unpacking these to install, big difference. Even compared to something like a Tektro, the Paul brakes are way better looking. And even though I dont know everything about brakes, these are not difficult to install and work very well.

These stick straight out and away from the frame. The Touring canti stick up and at an angle.

Made in USA