My last full day in NYC for a little while. I’ll probably be in CT before Monday night.

Today I had a couple few things still to go to storage, but as I was about to go out with it a friend called and asked if I could help him get a couch out of his 3rd floor apt and down to the curb. That was not a bad thing because I did want to say bye. and after we sat down for a cold drink, it was pretty hot out. After I finished the storage stuff. Then when to pol0 for a quick few games. Library to return, Post Office to send back my last Netflix. (still need to forward my mail). Got a juice fromĀ Liquiteria. Called some friends. And back home to clean the apt w/ roommate. After that her and a friend and I went to a place for dinner and they would not let me pay. That’s sort of embarassing but maybe it’ll bring me good luck. But really I should have paid for them b/c they are watching my plants.

At pol0 there was a Boston player visiting NY and he’s a friend so I mentioned that I’ll be in Boston soon, he said they play on Wednesday nights at 6pm till about 9. Also offered a place to stay. I didn’t say I was going to be on a touring bike. My goal it to get to Boston and play a game and have a place to stay. Leaving Monday at noon realistically, I should make it.

Later I emailed Portland, ME and Bangor, ME pol0 clubs to figure out the days they play. Within an hour I heard back from both. After Bangor no pol0 clubs till Halifax.

As I type this late Sunday night, it’s fucking raining!

I never expect all the little things at the very end to take so long. I’ve walked from the living room where my bike sets to my bedroom and back about 900 times in the last two days. And up and down the 4 flights of stairs about 90 times. I hope I’m glad to be riding my bike in one really big loop.