Four more days to get it together.

Yesterday I woke up and worked  a day shift. I got off work and felt very tired, not like I did very much, more just a lack of sleep. After work on Wednesdays I usually like to go to the park and watch soccer but today I rode over to a storage place near the BQE at Flushing checked prices, was OK. Figured I’d ride home to pack but on the way I checked a storage place walking distance from my apartment. It was the same price. I think I’ve got my storage sorted out.

But today I have to go to traffic court for a ticket over no lights on my bike from months ago. I have lost the ticket and don’t even know if the court threw it out or not, I don’t even know which courthouse I’m supposed to be. I think it’ll be OK. I don’t have to be there till 4:30pm.

I installed the front rack and fitted my front paniers to it. Everything is fine there. After that I put some clothes and stuff in boxes. Then I fell asleep.