Um, five days left. Yesterday I got some things done and totally flopped on other things.

  • picked up new eye glasses
  • sold a spare bike
  • bought sunglasses
  • ate lunch with a friend, mac and cheese sandwiches
  • brought primered front rack home
  • spray painted said rack on my roof b/c the painter is OOT till after the 1st
  • made a fitted sheet cover for my air-pad so I won’t lay right on it on hot nights
  • checked with my welder doing a custom fix to my Park FR-5, not  done yet
  • bank card came in mail
  • watched a movie
  • found my Park CBW-1, it was in my toolbox

Things I meant to do that I did not do.

  • secure a storage unit
  • pack my apartment
  • cancel Netflix, still got a few days on that one
  • call the bank
  • ask about deposit
  • buy UV filter for my lens
  • find good road maps
  • buy soap