Brooks Champion Flyer Special

If you read anything about touring you’ll read about someone praising Brooks for making saddles that work very well with riding long miles and long hours. If you read a lot about touring you’ll get bored with all the praises Brooks gets.

I just rebuild my old touring bike with a nearly new everything. On the list was the saddle. I chose this saddle because my friend Johnny, who is one of the the most knowledgeable bike people I know, rides one. We had stopped on the street to say hi and I seen he had one on his bike. I had considered maybe getting a Brooks before but hearing him say a few good things and seeing how perfect his looked I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a mistake to buy one. Luckily I bought this for less than full retail. Otherwise I might have bought the standard B-17 to save money but after putting the Flyer Special on my newly rebuilt bike I was surprised to win a standard B-17 in a raffle. I see a big difference seeing them side by side. I don’t think I’d like touring on anything Brooks makes that doesn’t have springs.

Now I say all this having never done any touring on any Brooks saddle. But I have been having a good time riding around on my days off and feeling the difference 700×32 tires and a springer saddle makes. I don’t think I made a mistake and it looks good.

Ordered from QBP

Made in England