Eureka Backcountry 2

I bought this same tent twice. I used it so much on my first two tours that when I was gearing up for my third and could not find it I just bought another. Sort of wasteful to not keep track of my gear, but between tour 2 and 3 I’d lived in a few different states and lived a few years of life. I was on a schedule and needed a tent. I was surprised to see that after a handful of years that design was still basically the same. The same as I remembered it.

Years ago when searching for the right tent, I had not yet grown to believe so strongly in buying US made. Although it is not east to know where this is made if looking for that info online, I can say the the label inside the tent reads “Made in Korea finished in China”.

What I wanted then was just three things. Free-standing, green, and not too big or heavy. By big I mean the pack size. Some tents are over 20″ wide packed, that would limit the carrying positions available on a bike. This one is just 15″ wide by 6″ round so carrying it sideways on the rear rack is no problem. And it’s weight is fair, about 5 lbs.

I was on the fence about 1 person or 2 person. I’m glad I went with the 2 person. Many reasons why but the best are I’m tall and like the space, my panniers fit inside, and I won’t obviously be a solo camper. I guess that last one is defeated by having just one bike.

Free-standing, so I can set it up anywhere, quickly. Green, so I feel less obvious than I would in a bright yellow tent. It’s seen it’s share of rain storms and I don’t remember getting mad at my tent during which. I also remember one night in KS as I was sleeping I was woken up by the wind violently shaking my tent to shit, a lot like that scene in Blair Witch Project. In the morning I checked it out and there was no damage.

Ordered from Campmor

Cost: $160

“Made in Korea finished in China”